What will happen if you experiment with "Newton's cradle" with the human head?

"When you pull and release one of the spheres hanging with strings on the frame, the ball hits the other stationary ball and stops, and at this moment the metal ball hits it The ball on the opposite side fly with an arc flying at the same speed as the first metal ball and then the phenomenon that the same phenomenon occurs when the balls return to the sphere where the opposite balls are lined up "Newton's cradleWhat will happen if you do it with a human who has spun that Newton cradle? A movie experimenting that it is "Helmets Extreme Experiment"is.

This is a representation of Newton's cradle by animation. Iron balls at both ends alternately move in a blind motion and repeat the return.

And what happens when Newton's cradle is experimented with humans? The movie is from below.

Helmets Extreme Experiment - YouTube

A rider running along the road.

All five riders in a row run to the same destination.

Meanwhile, the preparation of the device is ongoing at the destination.


The riders who fix things like rope to the body.

Fluffy floating from the ground ...

Head on the ground.


I will pull the left-hand male to high altitude.

Release the man and hit the helmet with the rat on the head of the rider who is stationary underneath.

Then the head of the right male drew an arc and left the other four bodies.

When the right male hits, the man on the far left again fluffy. Apparently Newton's cradle appears to be reproduced even if you go with a human.

I will rebuild my position once.

Take off your helmet ......

This time I installed another helmet.

Pull the left-hand man high again ...

Collision with the gotun.

Then, the body of the five people swayed a little, but the head of the right male never drew an arc.

this isSHARK HELMETSA promotional movie of a French helmet manufacturer. The cradle of Newton must shockwave propagate through the middle ball, but because the helmet of SHARK HELMETS is structured not to transmit shock, movement stops.

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