There are two explosions at the Boston marathon goal point, three people died, more than 120 people injured

An explosion occurred near the goal point of the Boston marathon held in Boston, Massachusetts, and three deaths were confirmed up to the present time. The death toll includes an 8-year-old boy, and at least 125 people are injured.

Explosions rock Boston Marathon finish line; dozens injured - Metro - The Boston Globe

On YouTube, the movie that Steve Silva was shooting from the goal spot has been released.

Explosions at the Boston Marathon - YouTube

Photographers are standing on the finish line, the runners are getting more and more.

Immediately after a man running black running running wears through the center of the screen.

Explosion occurred on the right side of the screen, where there are many spectators

Shock enough to have a fallen runner

White smoke rises

Management staff wearing yellow jumper began to promptly in a panic

Because the military was waiting for a large marathon contest, the fence that will obstruct the rescue operation will be removed quickly.

People in relief

Injured people will be carried one after another by stretchers and wheelchairs.

Early scenes of aftermath of Boston Marathon blast - YouTube

The explosion happened again in another place after this picture and President Obama took the pledge that he would discover who the explosive was settled and go on trial.

Google has set up "Person Finder: Boston Marathon Explosions" for safety confirmation. You can register and search information about people who may have been involved in an explosion.

Google Person Finder: Boston Marathon Explosions

Additional notes:
The video taken by the runner who was running towards the exploded point has been uploaded to YouTube.

Runner captures Boston Marathon explosion - YouTube

It is about two hours delay from the top runner that this person is running, about 1 km to the goal point is about to be cut off.

When looking slowly to the right as you look over the circumference ... ...

An explosion occurs in the forward direction in the traveling direction, and a large explosive is visible even from this distance.

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