Demonstrate how animals are eating food using the whole body


If you are a human you eat rice with tools such as chopsticks and forks, but the animals basically eat directly with their mouth. "How Animals Eat Their Food" is a movie that challenged with body-worth what happens when it is represented by the human body. If you think that it is just placing your face on the plate without using your hands, you will be disappointed.

How Animals Eat Their Food - YouTube

Two men opposite to each other

This man on the right will now demonstrate "how animals are eating food".

The male of the partner seems to be of no interest.

From Mr. soba "Mooooo" and the man began to cry ......

Pick up the face to the dish. Is it expressing that you are eating Musashamusha grass that grew on the ground ...?

Then, alligator.

With the hand as a mouth, the bass bass and the table started to pinch, the dish flew away.

Stick to the wall, a lizard.

Somehow Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is expressing that the front legs of Tyrannosaurus were extremely small compared with the back legs that retracted their hands into the shirt and fluttered.

Although there are various theories about the ecology of Tyrannosaurus, it seems that it was a type that actively hunts out, such as a large dinosaur such as Triceratops has a bite mark.

She seemed to be a whale, looking at the surface of the table as a water surface and putting it out nude ... ...

I fell into the table as it was. Whether this may be called a meal ....

Since Groundhog (a kind of Giris) lives under the ground, I picked up Merimeli and the ground from the bottom of the table.

It was Kangaroo that jumped with Pyo

I grabbed the food on the dish and packed it in the stomach bag.

After the meal (?), A strong kick on the table. "I do not like this kind of kangaroo" state.

Flamingo wearing pink tights

I do not know whether I'm going to eat food or punishment game by hitting my head to the table violently.

The end is rhinoceros, it is just an assault.

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