How to manage 'that' that keeps ringing in my head



The song I happened to hear somewhere is stuck in my head ... I think many people have that kind of experience. That should be the case, and this is a phenomenon called earworms , which can affect everyone, even if there are individual differences. It seems that some people have earworms for a long time and gradually become uncomfortable, but it has become clear how to erase this melody that is stuck in my head.

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The research on this earworm was conducted mainly by Dr. Ira Heyman, a music psychologist at Western Washington University. In the survey, we artificially generated earworms by listening to music such as The Beatles and Beyonce to the subjects who were solving the maze on paper, but the earworms that occurred once were likely to recur the next day. That. Then I investigated whether solving the problem using puzzles like Sudoku or Anagram to stop the earworm would help eliminate the earworm. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that solving the anagram in the puzzle, that is, changing the order of the letters of the word to make another word, is the best way to stop the earworm.

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Earworms can't be stopped if the anagram is too difficult or too easy, so it's best to solve the one with the right difficulty, and the most effective way was to do a five-letter anagram. In addition to solving anagrams, reading novels and doing sudoku also proved to be effective in freeing earworms.

Research has shown that earworms are more likely to be a unique song that is easy to hum or has never been heard elsewhere. According to the survey, Lady Gaga's songs are most likely to be earworms, and some songs of popular singers and popular bands such as The Beatles and Beyonce are also likely to be earworms.

This earworm study helps to understand how music is remembered in a person's head and may help prevent dementia.

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