A house that generates self-generated recyclable resources such as heat and biomass energy from algae

Sydney Opera HouseYaPompidou CenterWork on constructionArapWas newly constructedBIQ HouseThe house called, internally raising algaeBioreactorTo the front entrance, and heat andBiomass EnergyIt is an environmentally conscious building that generates renewable energy by itself, and it became the world's first exhibition at the world architectural exhibition held in Hamburg, Germany from March 23.

World first bio-reactive façade debuts in Hamburg | Arup | A global firm of consulting engineers, designers, planners and project managers

IBA Hamburg - BIQ

At the front entrance of the BIQ House facing the south side, 129 bioreactors with microalgae kept inside of 0.7 m × 2.5 m in size are installed. The energy management center in the residence said that boiling hot water used in the hall by using solar heat taken from the installed bioreactor. It is also possible to produce renewable energy called biomass energy (microalga fuel) from algae raised in the bioreactor.

Also, the installed bioreactor not only produces renewable energy by itself, but also plays a role of blocking heat and sound from outside and making shade.

The back of the building, unlike the front, is a pop design that is easy to attract people's eyes, color uses the same green as algae and the letters of "photosynthesis?" "Cool!" On the wall.

According to Jean Warm, who heads the European research department of Arapp, "It was an innovative attempt to work on buildings through the biochemical process of generating renewable energy from the bioreactor installed at the front door, It is wonderful that testing can be done at residences where people actually live, and in the future it may be a solution to the problem of energy production in urban areas. "

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Although buildings themselves generate renewable energy themselves for both human and the environment, the weather in Hamburg is cloudy and drizzle day many, rainfall seems to be high frequency and in fact the light and heat of the sun There seems to be some doubts as to whether it can be incorporated into the bioreactor.

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