Is it possible to lift the car with cellophane tape

Whether it is possible to lift a car with adhesive power of cellophane tape used for office work and construction, a movie experimented with real car and crane prepared appeared on YouTube. Cellophane tape is an image that fairly easily peels off if hands grease etc. on the adhesive surface, but is it possible to support one ton or more of weight?

Vsauce-Will sellotape lift a car? - YouTube

Project title titled "WILL IT LIFT?"

The theme of this time is "Can you lift a car with cellophane tape?"

A 30 ton crane was prepared for this experiment

The target to lift isFord Mondeo. The weight is roughly 1.5 tons.

And this common cellophane tape to use ......

Hang the bar from the crane and connect the bar and the car with cellophane tape.


Something at the level that children do not do such a terrible thing.

What will happen ...?


Instruct "Please raise the crane"

Total cellophane tapes stretched ... ...

The moment when I thought that it floated slightly, the car broke down and the car landed.

The cellophane tape was too thin, so that it was changed to a type of twice the thickness

Next time……

I got married

It is clear even if you look at the hanging bar that the weight of the car hangs on the tape

Moreover, even if the crane is shaken, the car will not fall and it is stable enough. Because it is not interesting, we cut 5 of the tapes affixed to 75 and support it with 70.

Still tape still works hard

Then cut 10 and cut the rest to 60.

what about? While watching ......

At the moment the crane started to rise the tape had run out.

We have concluded that the number of cellophane tape that can lift a car is 60 to 70. I have to lift a heavy thing to the car level but it is certainly useful if I remember it in the extreme situation that there is no one which can only use cellophane tape.

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