Sega to start the first attempt as a game center to be able to play for the first 15 minutes for free

For the first time as an arcade game for Sega "Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade" for the game center, "We are free for the first 15 minutes" was revealed.

SEGA, GAENSEN 15 minutes free trial exchanging game against - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

SEGA | Puyo Puyo !! Quest Arcade | Official website

On the official website "First in the game center! Basic play free game appeared!It is said that it is a pretty epoch-making attempt to bring "common play free", which is common in social games and smartphone applications, to gamessen.

From March 28 th (Thursday) to April 7 th (Sunday), a location test will be implemented at the following three locations.

Ikebukuro Gigo

Club Sega Akihabara new building

Sega World Torresa Yokohama

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