A 9 - year - old girl is looking for investment to make original RPG

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"I want to make an original RPG!" In order to find an idea, the cost of joining the summer camp "RPG STEM Camp", a game-loving 9-year-old girl gathering games, will be added to the cloud funding platform'sKickstarterWe are seeking investment in.

9 Year Old Building an RPG to Prove Her Brothers Wrong! By Susan Wilson - Kickstarter

You can see the movie from the following.

Mr. Mackenzie who was born as the youngest child of the brothers of men is a big game lover, and the favorite game currently being playedMagic: The GatheringWhenBorderlands 2. I dislike girls' dresses, I often play girls like my brothers do, the current wish is to "play games I made by myself".

I will definitely learn the program to make games, but firstRPG MakerIt is said that the game is being created without programming using.

RPG is a software that allows you to create games by dragging and dropping, Mackenzie is learning how to make RPG while enjoying it.

Mackenzie is asking for investment with Kickstarter because it costs 829 dollars (about 78,000 yen) for RPG STEM Camp, a 9 to 12 year old girl-loving camp that will be held in the summer.

The period of the camp is one week, but Mr. Mackenzie said he and his mother had signed a promise to "Participate in the camp during the summer if you can collect more money than the target amount". Mr. Mackenzie has many wonderful friends, but no friend of gamers, he says, "If you go to RPG Camp you should be able to get more ideas for making games."

In making the game, Mr. Mackenzie raises some promises. One thing in the world is that some games are not suitable for playing 9-year-old, so do not make games that use violent or dirty words. Moreover, it is easy to play, that it is a game with excellent graphics and an excellent story. And most importantly, even if the party is in danger, even if someone is hurt, members will not be missing or killed.

Furthermore, if Mr. Mackenzie's challenge helps young generation girls think about technology, it means that they want to deliver "KEEP UP!" Message to girls. We are planning to introduce many logos of "KEEP UP!" And girls' characters in the game as well.

The movie created based on the mother's advice that "strange people also enter the world, so be careful when dealing with information" is 007 style.

Together with the word "Today's Mission", you will be informed that you are seeking participation fee for camping to make RPG games. Below that the message "I will never be a woman like a photo" message.

This is Mackenzie. Currently in elementary school grade 3.

It also lists conventions for making games.

The movie concludes with the sentence "This message will disappear after 3 seconds ...".

The investment is accepted from 5 dollars (about 480 yen), and the right to play the game around July 2013 with the investment of 10 dollars (about 950 yen) is invested by 15 dollars (about 1400 yen) "KEEP You can get the right to play the game with the cold insulation cover for the can containing the logo "UP!" In addition to this, if you increase the investment amount you can also get the original mouse pad etc. along with the right to play the game.

The deadline is 10:10 am April 20th in Japan time.

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