Starbucks' Sakura White Chocolate "and" Sakura White Chocolate Frapetcino ", which smells fluffy and cherry blossoms are a taste of spring one step ahead

Using genuine cherry blossoms and leaves, plus Japanese taste in white chocolate "Sakura white chocolate"When"Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino"Will be released on Starbucks from February 15th. It seems to be a springy looking supple drink, so I actually tried ordering at Starbucks.

Press Release This year, 2013 "SAKURA" series February 15 appeared, such as Sakura pattern of paper cups "Sakura White Chocolate" and "Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino" Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

A springy poster was also listed in front of the store.

I will place an order immediately.

This is "Sakura White Chocolate" and "Sakura White Chocolate Frapetino". It still has a cold day, but both are pink and the top of the table looks like spring in no time.

First of all, I will get it from Frappuccino.

The top of the whipped cream looks like this.

The thin pink chocolate like cherry blossom petals is scattered and dark pink powder is sprinkled.

The dark pink powder has a sour taste of cherry, plus a change in the chocolate sweetness of white chocolate.

I will drink as it is without using a straw. I thought, "Is it like Sakurabaki?", But until then the cherry blossoms are not so tasty, they are fragrant. There is a sweet impression when asked as white chocolate, but the drink is cold, I feel the sweetness is modest. As Sakura 's flavor is not so strong, so many people will be able to enjoy it, but it may be a bit unsatisfactory for Sakura Rubber people.

From the bottom of the whipped cream, a slightly pink frappuccino appeared.

Next is "Sakura White Chocolate".

The appearance of cherry blossoms in the cup.

Because this is warm, I feel the sweetness of white chocolate stronger than Frappuccino. Sakura 's flavor was also slightly intense, so I could enjoy Sakura firmly.

Chocolate melts into a drink and feels good.

I found a jam-shaped one on the bottom. It is said that drinks are using authentic cherry blossoms and leaves, so their identity was this.

The sales period is from February 15 (Fri) to March 12 (Tue). It is recommended for those who want to enjoy spring in ahead.

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