Brush set "BRUSH SET" to power up free Photoshop downloadable

Digital artist Jonas De Ro set 37 kinds of brushes used in Photoshop "BRUSH SET"ButDeviantARTIt is free to download from. There are five categories of brushes according to the application of use, and it is possible to further increase the work in Photoshop.

BRUSH SET - Photoshop Painting Brushes by * JonasDeRo on deviantART

There are five categories of brushes: "BASIC" "PAINT" "ADVANCED" "NATURE" "GUIDE".

First of all, "BASIC" is a simple and effective brush. When finishing it quickly, Mr. Jonas said that he mostly uses this brush. There are 6 kinds in all.

"PAINT" is used when you want to finish it in paint (painting). There are seven types in all.

"ADVANCED" brushes are "Smoke" and "Chain" in all, there are eleven kinds, and it can be used for individual use.

Eleven types of "NATURE". This is a brush specialized in drawing speedy plants and leaves.

And two kinds of brushes of "GUIDE" are used to compensate for lack of Photoshop.

Download starts by clicking "Download File" on the right side of the page.

Actually seeing Jonas' s work shows the power of this brush well.

JonasDeRo's deviantART Gallery

God Of Evanescence by * JonasDeRo on deviantART

A piece of fantastic atmosphere.

Iroshi by * JonasDeRo on deviantART

Neon's crowded Japanese city.

Sunday Morning by * JonasDeRo on deviantART

Lovers in the messy room. The light to be inserted through the window is impressive.

Tokyo Ruins by * JonasDeRo on deviantART

Tokyo which has become ruined.

A Place Called Home by * JonasDeRo on deviantART


Gabriel by * JonasDeRo on deviantART

A near future scene.

Mr. Jonas who created the brush is a digital artist specializing in concept art based in Belgium, and in addition to works using VFX, he is also engaged in animation, photography, sound design. Warner Brothers / 20th Century Fox / Square Enix / GREE etc are also clients, and it has become a pretty full-fledged brush set as being active in the front line.

JONASDERO - Online Portfolio

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