Start of provision of free version sound development tool "CRI ADX 2 LE", Built-in application for Unity Pro compatible

CRI ADX 2 LE "sound development tool that reflects the needs and know-how at the cutting edge game sound production site and can intuitively do everything from advanced sound production to fine sound adjustment on the tool I will start today. This toolCRI · MiddlewareIt is a free version tool for indie game developers developed and corresponds to the game engine "Unity Pro", and the produced sound can be incorporated into games and applications for iOS, Android, PC. Also, since it can be saved in WAV format, it can be used in various ways other than games.

ADX2 LE - CRI Middleware

CRI, free version sound development tool "CRI ADX 2 LE" began to be offered - CRI Middleware

Because ADX 2 LE has its own sound codec with high compression, high sound quality and low load, it can compress 48 kHz stereo music up to 1/16 without deteriorating the sound quality. Compared to codecs with equal compression ratios such as MP3 and AAC, even when playing multiple sounds simultaneously, the CPU load will be smaller. For example, when playing 16 sounds simultaneously on the iPhone 4S, the CPU load is about 8%. Compression level can be selected from 5 levels.

In addition, it is easy to realize sound unique effects such as interactive music that is irregular like the footsteps and engine sounds of vehicles, or changes depending on the game situation. It is possible to produce such as "the battle will rise and cheers will increase". Effects and filters such as reverb, echo, compressor with side chain, pitch shifter and so on are versatile. You can give various effects to the game without going through the program.

The tool screen is like this with a graphical interface, which makes it easy to perform intuitive operations such as combination of effects and sound effects. It is easy to finely adjust the parameters while listening to the sound in real time, and it is a feature unique to the game sound development tool that the necessary care of the game, such as the limit of sound generation number, is kept everywhere.

With "Unity Pro", you can use the sound codec as mentioned above and incorporate libraries, etc. Real-time processing of waveforms by library can also be applied for effects and filters. Ideal for games and application creation for iOS, Andorid, PC. Meanwhile, even with the WAV format, it is possible to use effects and filters, and it demonstrates its power in producing sound materials, sound effects, jingles, and so on.

As a content of the "free version" license, the first thing that comes with the download is "short-term license". This is a license that can be used for about one month from the download. Apart from this, there is a "long-term license" that can be used for one year, and application process is necessary although it is free of charge at the time of acquisition / renewal.

The license fee may be generated when "companies distributing content developed by" ADX 2 LE "by companies / organizations whose annual sales exceed 10 million yen in the previous year" "with" ADX 2 LE "via publisher or agent "When distributing developed content" "When the cumulative sales amount of contents developed with" ADX 2 LE "exceeds 10 million yen,Free development of development and distribution of games and applications in individuals and indies, production of various sound materialsI can.

With the developed CRI · middleware released about tools in the release "By providing the know-how and techniques accumulated for many years while supporting the game sound development on the front lines, as an environment where everyone can fully utilize, the game industry We will support the development of the entertainment industry. "

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