Cure angel with angel wings, etc Precure at the One Festival 2013 [Winter]

"Pretty Cure" popular among a wide range of people from children to adults will be the tenth work from February 3 "Throb! Pretty CureBroadcast started. The series has become a popular motif even at the Wonder Festival and I was able to shoot several items this time as well.

8-23-05 "Q playground"Cure Peach Cure Angel Version (9000 yen)

"fresh pretty Cure!"The protagonist · Taroen Love turns into cure peach, and the figure which came up with power in the theater version is Cure Angel (Cure Angel Peach).

Even in the final version of the TV version

Feeling of the clothes feeling refreshing, details of the wings, it is a material that it seems to be difficult to become three-dimensional.

8-14-10 "Ame · GranBukky uniform uniform ver. (8000 yen prototype production: Watanabe Keita (C.O. G)). One of Precure 'Fresh Pretty Cure!' Transforms into Cure Pine.

Ys (10,000 yen prototype production: Watanabe Keita (C.O. G)). "Fresh PreCure!" Stood in front of PreCure as an enemy executive but fought together as a cure passion in the second half.

Dark Precure (9000 yen prototype production: Gen Ayemi) is the enemy character of "Heart catch Pretty Cure!"

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