Figures related to "Pretty Cure" Franchise -WONDER FESTIVAL 2009 [SUMMER]

The Pretty Cure franchise started in 2004 and became hugely popular among small children as well as grownup anime fans. Many Pretty Cure figurines were on display at Wonder Festival, among them Cure Berry and Eas from ongoing Fresh Pretty Cure! and Cure Aqua from Yes! PreCure 5.

Pics after the cut!
Cure Berry and Eas from Fresh! Pretty Cure at Korova Milk Bar's booth.

Cure Berry.


Eas is a former villain who lately became Pretty Cure's ally as Cure Passion.

Another figure of Eas at Mojo Hands' booth.

The cool beauty was quite popular even before she was reborn as Cure Passion.

Korova Milk Bar's booth also featured Cure Dream from Yes! PreCure 5 and Dark Dream from the movie Yes! Precure 5: Great Miraculous Adventure in the Mirror Kingdom!

Cure Dream.

Dark Dream was originally a villain in the movie, but in the end she died defending Cure Dream from antagonist Shadow.

So it's only in their dream these two get to fight side by side.

Cure Aqua from Yes! PreCure 5 at Amie-Grand's booth.

With beautiful long hair.

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