Asuka equipped jersey with cat ear cap, sister of Touji etc. Eva related item in Wonfes 2013 [Winter]

On November 17, 2012 "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q"Has been made public, in this wonder festival 2013 [winter] figures incorporating the contents of Q into Eva related items also appeared.

7-11-14 "Work room"Asami · Asuka · Langley (6000 yen) is a cat ear cap & jersey equipment, Q play specification.

The badge attached to this cat ear cap seems to represent Asuka himself who is eyeing big, but the smaller one also talked about that color reminiscent of Shinji 's plug suit.

6-10-01 "G · S · OEvangelion Reform 2 Unit (6000 yen).

Just like Asuka, it has become an eye.

4-09-11 "TAIL-SLAPSuzuhara Sakura (5000 yen, prototype production: Yuuki Kawanaka (TAIL-SLAP))

The sister of Touji. People who went to see the movie, "Please only get on Eva" speech seems to spin around the head.

8-11-04 "ATOMIC BOM"Asuka (10,000 yen) and Black Ayanami (exhibition only) in the eyeball.

Eyeball Asuka this time is the final sale

Black Ayanami said that limited orders will start from late February

4-19-18 "EBOShihana Asuka (5000 yen)

6-12-13 "Light TempleSoryu · Asuka · Langley (resale of 15,000 yen)

Kudo temple has been chosen as "Wonder Show Case No. 006 006" Chunri "All 47 works of the 10th anniversary of Wonder ShowcaseThis asuka was exhibited as a work recommended as it was done. Previously it was sold at 17,000 yen, but Asuka was a big success at Eva Q, so it seems that this time it was resold at 15,000 yen.

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