I tried KFC 's "Kentucky Chicken Rice" with rice brought in with two fried chicken

Two cheese and bacon were sandwiched between two fried chicken "Chicken fillet doubleAlthough there was a menu called Kentucky in the menu, this time it is a reversal idea that sandwiched between ketchup rice and tomato sauce · cheddar cheese with 2 chicken filletsKentucky Chicken Rice(450 yen including tax) "was released from February 7 th, so I actually went to eat.

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I arrived at the shop.

In the photo inside the store is "Chicken rice with this?" And a display with a question mark.

I ordered it immediately. It is 600 yen with no side menu, drink (M) set.

This is chicken rice. It is wrapped in pure white packaging paper.

I opened it. Ketchup rice is sandwiched between, was released in 2012Chicken fillet doubleThere are more volumes.

Try removing the chicken and it looks like this. Tomato sauce is painted on ketchup rice.

There is plenty of mayonnaise sauce on the other side.

It holds firmly with hands. Since chicken is made in the same way as the original chicken, it is tasted seasoned enough to eat as a single item, and the rice that is caught in that minute has a sweetness of ketchup but modestly taste. It seems that it is balancing the taste of chicken and other ingredients by adding mild mayonnaise.

Unlike the buns, the chicken can not be crushed tightly, so the rice crumbled from the side when putting strength.

Mogmog while struggling while changing the direction.

Saltiness is a little stronger because we are using two chickens that are normally used only one. Because it is easy to thirsty, it is recommended to set it with drinks.

Better yet, it would be easier for people who took off chicken and rice ....

However, if you eat it apart, it is just chicken and rice, so reassemble it and have chicken rice.

The edible portion average is 256 g and it is considerable volume, but it finished deliciously.

Due to fighting, hands are greasy with oil.

Because fillet with a small amount of oil is used, it is not leaning in the stomach, but it is a volume that can satisfy the feeling of fullness firmly, and I want to eat what I've been bad! Sometimes it is very good.

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