A movie "Jedi no Cat" awakens the power of the Force

The Jedi coming out of the movie "Star Wars" series is mostly human or humanoid so "Jedi no cat" is not, but it was made by saying "If a domestic cat wakes up to the power of the Force" It is this movie.

Jedi Kitten with the Force - YouTube

"Star Wars" -like logo

The leading role is this cat

I seemed to be impressed by the words of Yoda while watching the Star Wars.

Cat closing a Mac with Force's power

Moving to the window ...

Just the owner's man came home by car.

With the power of the force ......

I moved the car that was supposed to have stopped.


Now focus on the fish bowl on the table.

If I think what to do ......

I forced the goldfish with the force of the force.

However, I have found bad timing.

It looks like it is not bad at all.

With all your strength ......

I lost my owner.

Liberate as much as it says "I will do it for about this".

How the fate of goldfish and how.

There is a moment where the cat looks like a little looking down on the dark side, but some of the facial expressions are part of the CG processing, so it seems that it is not a bad cat.

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