A bicycle with an air purifier that runs around Beijing without air pollution

In China, air pollution is in a serious situation, according to Ministry of Environment ProtectionThe fog containing hazardous substances spreads to 1/4 of the national land, and 600 million people are affected. To stay in Beijing for 1 day is similar to the same as smoking 21 cigarettes, but the bike that can run even in such a case is the artist'sMatt HopeCreated by

COOL SPARKS Presents: One Man's Mission to Combat Beijing Pollution - YouTube

Beijing is always foggy. If only a fog is required, it contains plenty of harmful substances.

A man who appeared stately there.

Everyone recalls.

His name is Matt Hope.

In Beijing where there are many harmful substances in the atmosphere, as a result of thinking about how to ride a bicycle with care about health ... ...

I came to Kore.

On the rear wheel of the bicycleDynamo (generator)It is installed ......

It is connected to a large battery.

Household air purifiers are mounted on the bicycle carrier part ... ...

The pipe is connected to the helmet. When the bicycle runs, the air purifier operates and sends clean air to the mouth.

I used the mask used by the Chinese military pilot.

There is a fan at the head top of the helmet, and we are forced to exhaust.

Although it is made to the last stuff is done, if you think about health in Beijing now, it may be necessary to have this disposable mask instead of putting a disposable mask.

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