Beckham 'Condom which is popular No. 1 in China

Currently, a superstar belonging to the American football team "Los Angeles / Galaxy"David BeckhamIt seems that condoms in China are the most popular in China. Mr. Simon Oliveira of Beckham's agent says "It's not an official brand", and of course Beckham is unauthorized.

Details are as below.
Tiger and Beckham. It seems that endurance will increase as "fast escape".

My eyes are very characteristic. There is "BEDROOM EYE", but it seems like the timing when taking pictures.

Is it preparation gymnastics before the game?

Some Chinese say that "Los Angeles · Galaxy" fans want you to stop selling.

Condom named after Becks takes Chinese market by storm - Yahoo! India News

Gallery of the Absurd: Beckham's Chinese Condoms Are Number One

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