A man who was practicing fighting skills in monkeys, is given an artistic jumping kick

This is a picture of a moment when a man who had been fighting fighting sports in monkeys in China received an attack from a monkey. The monkey 's attack at the moment the men showed skiing was taken at exquisite timing, and it is a sight like a one - scene of a kung - fu movie.

Details are as below.
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Lo Wung, who was showing performances by female monkeys performing fighting sports outside the shopping center in the incentive of Hubei Province. However, the moment Lo slipped his feet, the monkey who was with him jumped to the head of Lo and kicked off.

The moment when jumping kicking was decided spectacularly. Monkeys also show a nice expression with enthusiasm.

Monkeys who were on the spot triggered by jumping kicks also started to rampage.

Mr. Lo also fought back, but the monkey swaying the bars and fighting. Hu Luang, who took the photo, said, "Monkeys flying around here were more amazing than Bruce Lee's movies."

Lo then seems to have managed to hold down the monkey with the rope he uses when he is trying to escape, and managed to finish things.

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