A panda whose stress has reached the limit reaches out the reprint or a movie raging like a child

ByChi King

It is a movie that recorded the appearance of the rampage that the panda which is the idolist of the zoo was climbing the tree, sliding down and suddenly turning over and using up the usable place.

From the video I heard something like a roaring of the panda, maybe I'm pretty excited, but the move is a 3D fight fight game "Tekken Series"Panda and movies that appear in"Kung Fu PandaIt's pretty and reminiscent of it, making it a worthwhile visual image.

The playback of the movie is from the following.YouTube - Crazy Panda Commando Roll

The movie starts from where the panda climbs the tree.

Leaning against the tree, it will break the branch by its own weight.

I got bored on the tree, descended to the ground ......

Grab a tree branch and boom. It is a cute operation, but it is also an atmosphere that makes me angry that a branch broke.

It suddenly crawls and rebounds and starts moving while raising the groaning voice.

As soon as we stopped, we procrastinated on an alpine reprint. The gallery was delighted with this.

Rising quickly and starting to run ......

While groaning Kuru Turn.

Running with four legs, I will assault on the branch that I folded on my own.

When I look back, I immediately showed Tsinko again.

I'm lying down or sitting down on my back.

If it thinks whether it is beautiful V letter opening legs will be fine.

My legs caught on the tree branches because of the rampage.

Suddenly it falls to slope and step.

I grab a branch and struggle, but switching to judgment in a moment and going down to the wind "It's as calculated".

And go up with the noshinoshi ... ...

When the climb finishes, it hits the tree with haste.

We will start climbing trees in front of the gallery. Whether it is irritating but acting what the gallery wants, was it a panda whose service spirit was originally strong?

Stop stopping in the middle of the tree climbing and get off the bat ... ....

I sat down as it was.

Note that this movie was taken in as a World Heritage SiteSichuan Province Giant Panda Reserve. Although it is a very pretty picture, there is a roaring voice of "Pooh" panda in the voice, perhaps because of living in a narrow environment different from the natural world it may be stress ... ....

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