"The First 25 People On Facebook" summarizing 25 initial users of Facebook


Facebook celebrated its 9th anniversary on February 5, 2013. Facebook is the number of users exceeding 1 billion people, but what kind of people were the early users? That's why 25 people who used Facebook firstBuzzFeedIt is summarized.

The First 25 People On Facebook

◆ 01:Mark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グ

Mark Zuckerburg, who opened Facebook, is the first Facebook user, with user ID number 4. Because numbers 1 to 3 were used for the test account.

◆ 02: Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes, one of Facebook's founder and spokesman, is the second user. In 2008 President Obama'sOfficial siteI also worked as a coordinator of. According to Mr. Hughes, "work with Mark is very rewarding". But on the other handFacebook Effect"I do not quite know whether my actions are what he likes or not at all," he told David Kirkpatrick, who also said that he was much better at being friends than working with him.

◆ 03: Dustin Moskovitz

Mr. Dustin Moskovitz was also one of the founders, according to Ms. Zuckerberg "he was a workaholic and was like a machine". "There is no success with a genius with ambition, there is no success, fortune is very important for success, Mr. Moskovitz told Kirkpatrick," Mark had all three, including good fortune. " , Leaving Facebook in 2008, newlyAsanaI got up.

◆ 04: Arie Hasit

Hasit is doing a Jewish youth movement called NOAM and he uses Facebook to spread non-profit activities. Hasit moved to Israel after graduating from college, nowRabbiI am studying as much as possible.

◆ 05: Andrew McCollum

Andrew McCollum, who created Facebook's original logo, is the fifth user. He got married in 2012 and is now a venture capitalNEAI am working in.

◆ 06: Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly, who graduated from Columbia University in 2008, is currently working as a lawyer in New York.

◆ 07: Mark Kaganovich

After graduating from Harvard University, Mark Kaganovich took a doctorate in computer biology from Stanford University and launched a company called SolveBio.

◆ 08: Andrei Boros

The eighth user Andrei Boros is a financial institutionJ. P. MorganI am experienced and now I am working in London.

◆ 09: Manuel Antonio Aguilar

Manuel Antonio Aguilar, a social entrepreneur, currently runs a company tackling renewable energy based in Guatemala. Regarding the Harvard era, he said, "I had the best best friend I ever had, and I was able to meet the world's most talented people."

◆ 10: Zach Bercu

Zach Bercu spent as an intern at Israel after graduating from a medical school and currently works as a resident of radiation medicine at a hospital in New York. About college days, "I got a wonderful friendship both through Facebook and for individuals."

◆ 11: Samyr Laine

Olympic player Samyr Laine was Zuckerberg 's roommate who exchanged a lot of messages through Facebook. Laine also has a qualification as a lawyer, "I'm jumping in the sandbox while all my fellow law school has opened as a lawyer," I comment.

◆ 12: Sarah Goodin

The 12th Facebook user and the first female user is Sarah Goodin. When I started Facebook, it seems that I thought that it was "an interesting thing that my friends made", but Facebook said that as time passed, the spirit of the era changed. I am acquiring a master of art from the University of California, and I am planning to do a consulting business to make products to make people's lives better in the future.

◆ 13: Kang-Xing Jin

Jin was one who studied with Zuckerberg as a 1st year student of computer science. After graduation I was in charge of news feed on Facebook and eventually became director of advertisement.

◆ 14: Colin Jackson

Jackson, who was like a brother and brother with Zuckerberg, is also an initial user. I wanted to learn biology, but in less than a few years from graduation, I noticed my feeling that I wanted to contact patients directly and I am currently attending a medical school.

◆ 15: David Jakus

Jakus was good at fencing just like Zuckerberg, and he participated in the competition.Private Equity FundI have been back in college recently.

◆ 16: David Hammer

Hammer selected Google instead of Facebook after graduation. After working for a product manager for 6 years, as a network expertSpotCouncilEstablished.

◆ 17: Alana V. Davis

Mr. Davis, who obtained a master's degree in art from Harvard University, currently works for Walt Disney Company. It is the second female user on Facebook.

◆ 18: Ebonie Hazle

After Harvard, who studied law at Columbia University, Mr. Hazle worked as a lawyer in Manhattan for several years and is now performing the stage work at the Lincoln Center.

◆ 19:Eduardo Saberin

Saverin who met Zuckerberg in the first year of university and played the role of CFO and business manager. After Zuckerberg diluted Facebook owned stock from 34% to 0.4%, he accused Facebook. For movies from encounters to complaints, the movie "Social networkEven though it is drawn in, it is not a documentary movie, so you need to be careful.

◆ 20: Joe Green

Facebook's roots "Facemash"It is a site that was shut down to Harvard University in just 4 hours after the start of operation, but Mr. Green, who helped with Facemash's creation, was forbidden to interact with his father, Professor Zuckerberg. So do not participate in Facebook as a business tool to organize your own communityNationBuilderI made it.

◆ 21: Greg Friedman

Friedman who works for the investment company met a future wife at Harvard University.

◆ 22: Hilary Scurlock Cocalis

Cocalis currently works as an advertising agency in San Diego as a marketing manager.

◆ 23: Billy Olson

Zuckerberg's fourth roommate Olson is also an initial user. A wonderful idea of ​​"Compare the faces of girls students" at Facebook's roots "Facemash" is the idea of ​​Mr. OlsonSocial networkAlthough I was drawn in, I left once from Harvard and then joined the group again. According to information of a friend, I am currently working as a firefighter at my hometown.

◆ 24: Ada McMahon

Ada McMahon isThe Huffington PostWrote a blog inBridge The Gulf ProjectI am working as a journalist.

◆ 25: Amie Broder

Broder studied the law at New York University law school two years ago when Facebook was created at Harvard University and entered the law firm. CurrentlyTroutman Sanders LLPIn 2012, in the tax lawNovaI also made a name.

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