"Octave" which you can download 48 kinds of short sounds that can be used for free for commercial purposes

ByFey Ilyas

48 types of short sounds such as "shu", "pawn" and "za" can be downloaded for freeOctave"is. Electronic sound matching the tap and slide of the smartphone is also prepared,Objective-CIt is possible to easily add sounds to buttons using. Commercially available for all 48 AIF files.

Octave: A free library of UI sounds.

Download begins by pressing the button at the center of the top page.

In addition, since libraries are prepared for the sound collection, it is also possible to add sound to Mac OS X and other buttons on iOS devices by adding the following code.

Such as buttons and wallpaperUI kitAlthough I often see, since the sound is relatively small, 48 rich sound sources are very useful for making applications and websites.


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