Airbag system attached to a car to protect pedestrians and bicycles from accidents

In the Netherlands the bicycle lane is stretched around the countryBicycle big countryHowever, there are many accidents as there are many bicycle populations, and one third of those who die in a traffic accident are pedestrians and bicycle drivers. thereTNODeveloped by the outside of the car is an airbag that protects pedestrians and bicycle drivers from shocks.

TNO - New airbag protects vulnerable road users

The state of the demo actually done can be seen from the following movie.

Succesvolle demonstratie fietsersairbag - YouTube

Very unprotected pedestrians and bicycle drivers against cars are easily vulnerable to accidents, and now they are of type of wearingUnique bicycle air bagAre also sold.

So, a new airbag developed by TNO was born from the idea of ​​protecting not only the person riding in the car but also the person's body outside the car.

After two years of development, it was completed in November 2012, a collision experiment using a mannequin was done.

In computer analysis, it is a result that when a person riding a bicycle collides with a car, the head hits the windshield.

The body is thrown over the bonnet and the head hits with a colliding reaction.

It is a mechanism to soften this impact with an air bag installed outside the car.

Below is the state when a normal car without an air bag hit a mannequin at 40 km / h.

The body collapsed toward the bonnet ......

Collision on windshield.

There is a big crack on the windshield, and it shows the shock which the bumper received.

If this is truly a human being ... ... it is a terrible situation.

TNO also developed a system to sense the person walking in the front to make the air bag function effectively.

A camera is attached to the car, and when the pedestrian or bicycle comes within a certain range, the system switches to warning mode.

And when the sensor attached to the bumper senses contact with the object, the air bag is designed to deploy instantaneously.

So I will carry out the same experiment as before with a car with an airbag actually installed.

A car of 40 km / h collides with a bicycle.

The air bag opened momentarily.

From the inside of the car, you can see that the head of the bicycle driver is protected from the collision with the windscreen by the airbag.

A side view.

My head is sinking in Bohun and an airbag.

Airbag for pedestrians using technology different from TNO was released in 2012Volvo V 40But it seems that the number of cars equipped with similar functions will increase in future.

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