Hamster desperately tried to gnawing pretzel sticks

ByMaarten Dirkse

It is nice to have a hamster picked up a stick-like pretzel in my hand but it's a trial-and-error movie that can not be eaten properly.

Mission Possible (Хомяк впихнул невпихуемое) - YouTube

It is a stick shaped pretzel placed in front of the hamster

Of course, I will begin to gnaw at hand immediately ... ...

I can not tamper with it.

As I pushed into the mouth, the cheeks have stretched.

Well ...

I was able to eat it at last.

Others: ...

With the cheeks remaining stretched out, the second one is pushed into the mouth.

I have a face like "I'm eating?", But the cheeks are swelling.

Continue biting with crisp crunchy as it is ......

Finally I put everything in my mouth. However, I can see the shape of the pretzel that came into the cheek pouch clearly.

By the way, in order to put it in your mouth the same way, not food,A hamster trying to swallow the earpick and try not to leave itI also love you. Because it is dangerous, do not put too long on the hamsters ... ....

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