E-books have the potential to promote reading of children who do not like it

We are steadily increasing sales every year and penetrating our livesE-bookHowever, the publishing company's current situation regarding the use of children's e-books in reading and learningScholasticIt is summarized.

New Study on Kids' Reading in the Digital Age: the Number of Kids Reading eBooks Has Nearly Doubled Since 2010 | Scholastic Media Room

The survey was conducted for children aged 6-17 in the United States and 1074 parents of the children.

First of all, the proportion of children who have read e-books. In 2010, it was 25%, but in this survey it doubled to 46%. Regardless of gender and age, the proportion is increasing, but it seems that boys are 9 to 11 years old in terms of age, boys are more increasing in the past 2 years.

In response to the question of how the attitude to reading by e-books changed, 21% of respondents said that they began to read more books. Children's reading volume increased by 26% in boys and 16% in girls. In addition, 57% of reading-homers who have never read e-books (children reading 1 to 4 of the week) will answer that they will read more books if they can use e-books, and like this book It seems to be the key to make children more readers.

About the reading style in 2012, 80% of children use paper books, 16% children have half of paper and electronic books, and children with e-books are mostly 4%, quite a few.

Among the children who have never read e-books, 51% are interested in e-books. Children aged 9 to 17 who answered "If you have e-books you can enjoy reading more" also exceed 50%, which is increasing from 2010.

72% of parents are interested in reading children's e-books. Many parents worry about children being too close to electronic equipment, but 49% of parents feel that their children are not reading enough, and the result that there are many parents who are not obsessed with reading methods I showed it. Parents' concern over children's reading volume seems to be growing, as 36% of parents felt that children were not reading enough in the 2010 survey.

Even though e-books are supported, paper books are not forgotten, and 80% of children reading e-books still read books of paper and boys of 9-17 years old girls 58% say that they would like to read paper books even when they use e-books. However, the same answer to this question is 66% as of 2010, and it is certain that the proportion is decreasing.

As an advantage of each of e-books and paper books, e-books are convenient not only when going out and traveling but also when it is convenient when not wanting to know what books a friend is reading, In books there was an answer that I can lend and borrow and that it is better when I read in bed.

Also, in general, boys tend to dislike reading, but one of the four boys who have read e-books is enjoying reading and making boys interested in reading books There is a possibility that there is a possibility.

The report clarifies that gaps between men and women are small with regard to posture and frequency to reading, but there is a tendency that girls' interest in reading is slowing down than that of boys. In the survey of 2012, the percentage of girls reading books, the percentage of children who said books liked, the proportion of children who said reading is important is lower than in 2010. Girls aged 12 to 17 years are spending a lot of time on the Internet with SNS and smartphones.

On the other hand, the proportion of boys who say reading time is more important and reading is more important has increased.

For the entire reading book, 9 out of 10 children responded that the book chosen by themselves tends to finish reading until the end, which is the same as the 2010 report.

Also, 31% of parents who read e-books replied that they wanted to read books before reading e-books, and 32% gave books for genres such as children's books and teen novels that they had never thought of reading until now I am reading it.

For more detailed dataPDF fileYou can download and read it.

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