A movie that understands how wonderful the automatic system of Amazon's warehouse robot acquired is amazing

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Amazon bought itKiva SystemsA movement of a network robot moving around automatically in the warehouse of the company is uploaded to YouTube. The robot is equipped with a camera and real-time image processing system, and it seems that scenery moving autonomously in the distribution center seems to be watching SF movies. With the introduction of this system, in the near future most of the work in Amazon's warehouse may be replaced by a robot.

Warehouse Robots at Work - YouTube

It looks like an orange robot shaped like a somewhere cleaning robot carries luggage. Amazon umbrellaZapposAnd a major US pharmacyWalgreens,GAPI heard that they already have adopted this robot.

When finding the shelf where the instructed product is stored, it goes under it and finds the route to where the worker is located and delivers it.

Swiss fly with movement feeling quickly.

Looking up it is like this. It is also possible to find a time of 5 minutes per hour necessary for recharging at an appropriate timing.

These robots are not independently moving, they are controlled by networking, so there is no conflict. In addition, the robots are adapted through the transportation work, for example, that popular products are placed in the near field, others are placed behind the room.

Use the elevator to the upper floor.

Although it is not that human hands are not tot not at all, since most of the work can be automated by this robot, the work is made more efficient and ultimately it is also possible to reduce expenses such as personnel expenses.

Such a barcode is buried on the floor ... ...

While reading this, he brings the baggage to the human being.

Not only can you carry it, you can also lift the shelf.

By using this robot, the work efficiency is 2 to 4 times, and since it is not a human being, lighting and air conditioning become unnecessary, so manpower seems to be able to reduce the cost by 50% compared to the main warehouse.

While Amazon manages a wide variety of goods in a huge warehouse, it seems that considerable cost is required to process these parcels with manpower. By introducing this robot, expenses are likely to be drastically reduced, and furthermore, due to efficiency, product arrival to customers may gain more speed.

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