A Geiger Counter for iPhone / iPad is newly released from Softbank on the occasion of Son's "Let's do it"

Softbank Group representative Softbank Masayoshi (@ masason) on the Twitter saying "It would be nice to have a radiation measuring device for iPhone" I realized it was "I let 's do" by example as usual The Geiger counter for iPhone / iPad this time, "Pocket Geiger Type 4"When"IMetry"is.

SoftBank SELECTION launches Geiger Counter (Radiometer) that can be used on iPhone / iPad | SOFTBANK BB Corp.

Geiger Counter | Total Brand of iPhone / iPad / Smartphone Accessory | SoftBank SELECTION (SoftBank Selection)

Firstly from "Pocket Geiger Type 4".

Pocket Geiger Type 4 Pocket Geiger Type 4 | Total Brand of iPhone / iPad / Smartphone Accessory | SoftBank SELECTION (SoftBank Selection)

Pocket Geiger Type 4 | Distributor of computer related products l Links International Co., Ltd.

It is a high sensitivity radiation sensor connected to iPod / iPad / iPhone, adopting "PIN photodiode method" in order to realize inexpensive dosimeter unnecessary for periodical calibration. It is said that the measurement error is kept to the minimum by realizing inferior precision as an expensive measuring instrument with a measurement time as short as about 2 minutes. Operated powered from a 3.5 mm mini jack cable, the price is6450 yenIt has become.

Also, there are two applications for measurement,Free Lite versionWhenPaid Pro version(600 yen). The Pro version can share dosage information on the map with GPS and display and save professional graphs on measurement.

Another Geiger counter "iMetry" is like this.

IMetry iMR3OoMER1 | Total Brand of iPhone / iPad / Smartphone Accessory | SoftBank SELECTION (SoftBank Selection)

IMetry en - Wiki

It is for users who have certain knowledge of radiation dose and radioactive substances, etc. Simple spectrometry adopting semiconductor + CsI (Tl) scintillator type high sensitivity sensor, high resolution by capturing more radiation We measured the radiation dose and also detected a small amount of radiation under low dose. The special application "iMetry Lite" (free, paid version is planned to be released in the future) is available by inserting it into the iPad and earphone jack installed, and the measurement result is displayed on the iPad and the change due to the passage of time is checked on the graph It is supposed to be able to do. The price is48,800 yenis.

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