Research firm predicts that Windows Phone share will increase to more than 10% in the smartphone market in 2016

The research company IDC (International Data Corporation) announced the smartphone market share of 2012 and forecast market share in 2016. The company announced in 20112015 share forecast that "the last Windows Phone pulls the iPhone away"Although it did not go there as expected, the market share of Windows Phone will also increase greatly, we expect to reach 10% or more.

Worldwide Mobile Phone Growth Expected to Drop to 1.4% in 2012 Despite Continued Growth Of Smartphones, according to IDC - prUS 23818212

According to IDC, worldwide mobile phone market grew by 1.4% in 2012 year. The number of shipments this year shipped was 1.7 billion units, and record numbers were shipped on a smart phone during the holiday season, but in terms of annual growth rate it was the lowest figure in the past three years.

This is expected to expand to 2.2 billion in 2016, as the global economic downturn has slowed the growth of the mobile phone market, but in the fourth quarter iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III Because attention smartphone appeared, and it is thought that there is a growing trend again by supplying cheap Android terminal to China and other high-growth emerging markets.

In the future, Android leads the market share of smartphone OS. However, it is anticipated that by increasing partners in the future Windows Phone will also increase its market share, and BlackBerry's new platform "BlackBerry 10" is also expected to affect the market.

A graph showing the 2011, 2012 and 2016 forecasts that summarizes them.

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Comparing figures for 2012 and 2016, it is like this.

Android: 68.3% → 63.8% (- 4.5 points)
IOS: 18.8% → 19.1% (+ 0.3 points)
BlackBerry: 4.7% → 4.1% (- 0.6 points)
Windows Phone: 2.6% → 11.4% (+ 8.8 points)
Linux: 2.0% -> 1.5% (- 0.5 points)
Others: 3.6% → 0.1% (- 3.5 points)

Incidentally, "Others" includes Symbian, Palm OS, Samsung's original bada and so on.
Although Android is forecasting a declining trend in terms of market share as a whole, because the market as a whole expands, it is expected to increase by CAGR (annual average growth rate).

What compared the average annual growth rate between 2012 and 2016 is like this.

Android: 16.3%
IOS: 18.8%
BlackBerry: 14.6%
Windows Phone: 71.3%
Linux: 10.5%
Others: -100.0%

As the market expands, the main OS is expected to grow by more than 10% a year, especially Windows Phone, will grow by 70%. Meanwhile, as Nokia decided to shift its axis to Windows Phone in 2011, the OS classified as "Other" such as Symbian is expected to be almost extinct.

It is still unknown when the latest Windows Phone 8 equipped terminal will be released in Japan, but Microsoft'sWindows Phone 8 Official SiteHas been updated and "Windows Phone 8X by HTC"Nokia Lumia 920"Nokia Lumia 820"Windows Phone 8S by HTCThere are four models of lineups.

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