World's first smartphone equipped with IGZO display "AQUOS PHONE ZETA" real machine review

Sharp's energy saving, high resolution display "IGZO"The smartphone which loaded it for the first time in the world is"Docomo NEXT series AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E"is. In this time I decided to purchase the actual machine according to the release of the same model and check the way the screen looks and the battery consumption etc.

Docomo NEXT series AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E | Products | NTT DoCoMo

What is IGZO

IGZO is a semiconductor manufactured by oxidizing indium (In), gallium (Ga) and zinc (Zn) which Sharp succeeded in mass production for the first time in the world. Each initial letter is named "IGZO" and it is possible to flow 20 to 50 times the current of amorphous silicon which has been conventionally used for semiconductor manufacturing, so when it is used for a display, it is reduced in size , It is easy to achieve high definition and power consumption can be reduced.

The future will evolve in IGZO. ~ Introduction of IGZO Technology ~: Sharp

What kinds of products can be applied? Details can be seen in the following movies that Sharp has released.

The future will evolve in IGZO. - YouTube

Check display

so,"AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02EI started up and tried checking every corner while touching the display with the display. In addition, this shooting is done with maximizing the brightness of the display, unchecking "Adjust brightness automatically", checking outdoor view and setting "picture quality mode" to "dynamic".

Unlocking is possible by touching the middle red icon a long time.

The home screen looks something like this.

I tried displaying GIGAZINE.


"AQUOS PHONECompare the home screen of "iPhone 5" with (the left picture) and this is like this.

Show top page of GIGAZINE.

The results of comparing the icon part at the upper left of GIGAZINE up are as follows. "AQUOS PHONEIt looks like it looks slightly yellowish.

Expanding dates at the top of the article and looking side by side is like this.

Next, I tried to compare how you are using the official YouTube application to play movies. As for this part, there is a possibility that the difference of the application by the Android version and the iPhone version may have influence on the picture quality, so the point that the difference of the performance of the display is not directly linked to the viewing point is necessary It is caution.

"AQUOS PHONE"Is as follows. People in the background in dark places can also be seen clearly.

For "iPhone 5" it is as follows. It is almost the same scene as the above scenes, but it is a slightly darker screen and people in the background are not so clearly seen.

Next, in order to check the energy saving performance at the time of movie playback, I decided to compare the remaining battery power after playing movies of about 23 minutes at the same time. In both terminals, the brightness of the liquid crystal was maximized, WiFi and Bluetooth turned off, and the measurement was performed with the application other than YouTube turned off.

The images that actually shoot the same movies at the same time and are performing the test are as follows. Since it becomes too long in real time, it is played at 32 times speed.

Next-generation display equipped "AQUOS PHONE" and "iPhone 5" compared - YouTube

The remaining battery charge after playing the movie is as follows.

"AQUOS PHONE"Is the remaining 94%.

"IPhone 5" is almost equal result with 93%.

Appearance review

The package is as follows.

Besides the main body, the contents include small touch pen, cradle, instruction manual etc. USB cable for charging is not included.

When putting the main body on the cradle it is like this.


The size of the main body is vertical 135 × width 68 × thickness 9.8 mm.


Equipped with a camera equipped with an optical image blur suppression function of about 16.3 million effective pixels.

A 2320 mAh high capacity battery is installed.

The measured weight is about 151 grams.



Upper part

The micro SD card and mini UIM card are supposed to be inserted from the top of the main unit, and it will become waterproof if you close the cover with a pitch.

So, it is one of the necessary checkers that people wanting to enjoy YouTube with a big screen, or want a waterproof terminal because you can not play video play applications even in kitchens and bathrooms.

Docomo NEXT series AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E | Products | NTT DoCoMo

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