Movie keeps drunk ascending descending escalator


You may see children playing backwards through the escalator, but drunkards may also reverse the escalator. However, because the judgment ability of this is completely blunted, I do not notice that I mistook the escalator, and it seems that I have thought that "I must put out my feet quickly" anyway.

Businessman tries to walk the wrong way down Tube escalator! - YouTube

The picture starts from the place where a man is walking on the escalator. There is nothing wrong when it sees this alone ... ...

The escalator is "up". Therefore, even if I walk, I will not go forward.

Because the occupation of half of the escalator, people coming up seems to be annoying.

A person who calls out "This is not here" appeared

Whether the train has arrived, the number of people increases.

This red woman gets a businessman and tries to get off the escalator ... ....

A businessman who resists stubbornly. I'm pretty drunk and seems to be thinking only "going down this escalator".

Women also gave up ......

I think, I will come back and call out to businessmen again.

I also call out from the side, but the reaction is zero.

At the end, a man who came from behind seems to get rid of businessmen and forced it off from the escalator.

The picture was taken at Tottenham Court Road station in central London. Sam Napper, who took the picture, initially thought he was playing like a child, but he seemed to notice that he was drunk looking at his feet losing his feet. It was a Japanese businessman who was drunk and stopped only for a few seconds after being taken off the escalator and left silent as if nothing had happened.

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