Reason why quick decisions are easy to make mistakes clear


People tend to make wrong answers when they have to make a decision quickly. Regarding the reason "Why is accuracy required when asked for speed?", "It seems that the brain becomes very sensitive to information and even if insufficient information is accurate "It is caused by the research team of cranial neuroscientist Richard Heitz of Vanderbilt University of the USA, according to a research team.

Neuron - Neural Mechanisms of Speed ​​- Accuracy Tradeoff

How the Brain Trades Accuracy For Speed ​​| LiveScience

According to Heitz, "When I have to make a decision quickly, my brain sees things differently than before." In the study, experiments were conducted by finding monkeys in the alphabet T's sea projected on the screen, or conversely finding T from the ocean of L, and so on. At this time,Prefrontal cortexRecording the activities of the neurons in the part involved in decision making and cognitive processing at the site, the balance between speed and accuracyForward tropismIt was found that three perception, perception, and response were each adjusted by changing in the neuron.


In tests where speed is required, monkeys can get juice as a reward only when they can quickly find the correct alphabet. And in the accuracy test, regardless of how much time it took, you can get juice when you find the correct alphabet, but when you made a mistake it timed out. Before doing each experiment, colored circles are displayed on the screen, and it seems that they showed monkeys which of speed and accuracy is required.

Electric signals in these neurons became active even when the monkey realized that the next test done in the experiment is a speed test, even before the test. And when judging that we found the correct alphabet in the speed test, the neurons of the part which processes the visual information responded strongly. When deciding quickly, the neuron became very sensitive, as if the information reached the brain as if the alphabet on the screen actually shone.


In other words, when the speed is required, the sensitivity of the brain becomes very good, according to the researcher, it may sound like a good thing that the sensitivity is high, but things are more It seems to be an important thing, so it is possible that incomplete answers may be regarded as correct.

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