The world's largest biped walking machine "Hajime Robot" moves shooting with photos & movies

"GundamA project aiming to have a grand aim such as to create an aircraft like a mobile suits appearing in a car is done by Dr. Sakamoto (originally Sakamoto) Dr. and members of volunteer who have technology such as metal processing, motor production, design etc. . And finally succeeded in developing a biped walking machine with a total height of 4 meters, which should be called the prototype of the mobile suit, and since it is that the exhibition event will be held, we decided to take a picture of the real thing going to the site.

NKK 4m robot project

The appearance of the factory where the world's largest biped walking robot is stored is as follows.

Offering a placeYoshinori Industry Co.Ltd.

The state of the presentation is like this.

He is the central figure of the project,First InstituteDr. Sakamoto who is designing and developing various robots with.

Some members like Gundam, and the venue has a deformed style made of metalRX-78It is decorated.

Looking from the front like this.



Sharp antenna.

Many prototypes have been developed before making a robot of 4 m, and small machines that operate wirelessly as below are on display.

One foot stand is also possible.

A robot that recognizes the surroundings with a camera on the head, can autonomously act and kick the ball.

Dr. Sakamoto explaining the operation of robot to children.

A 2 meter machine "Beginning Robot 33 Unit" capable of walking two feet is like this.


The operation of the upper body uses a controller like a miniaturized robot,Master / SlaveMove it by the method.

I installed a controller.

You can see the state that the robot is being operated surprisingly quickly by actually moving the controller in the following movie.

How to operate a humanoid robot "Hajime Robot 33" with an overall height of about 2 meters - YouTube

And the following is the world's largest biped walking machine "Hajimeto Robot 43" which will demonstrate this time. Currently only the lower half of the body is completed and it is planned that the whole body including the upper body will be completed by the spring of 2013.

The height to the floor under the seat and about 2 meters, the current weight is about 250 kg.

There is a seat higher than the head of an adult male.

Side of the leg.

at the back.

A seat for passengers.

There are countless electronic parts under the seat.

Up of the hip joint.


Aluminum sheet metal parts used for thighs and so on.

The motors to move joints are as follows.

Adopt parts made of cushion made of resin and aluminum plate of honeycomb structure which is also used as a floor of aircraft and so on the sole.

The passenger helmetEiko Koike'S autographed.

Demonstration of walking started in the public circle.

You can see how to get on the robot with the following movie.

How to get on the world's biggest bipedal walking machine 'Hajimete Robot 43' - YouTube

Boarding completed.

Looking down at the robot's ride is like this.

Robot that slowly shifts the center of gravity to the left and puts the right foot forward.

When putting the left foot forward, the center of gravity will tilt to the right. It is said that the center of gravity moves 76 cm to the left and right for every two steps, and it seems that the passenger seems to be in a state of seasickness when walking long.

Please check with the following movie how the robot actually carries a person, walking while rocking the big body.

A biped walking machine "Hajimete robot 43" walking about 4 meters in height walking - YouTube

When getting off the robot is like this.

Dr. Sakamoto standing in front of the robot bending the knee.

The following people are involved in development.

In the same project, we are looking for collaborators who will provide necessary know-how and technology for robot development. Also, if you become "supporter" who can participate from 3000 yen per mouth, it seems that you get original goods such as stickers and straps.

Wanted Supporters | NKK 4m Robot Project

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