Telescope equipped with infrared night vision + laser distance measurement + GPS + compass "NYXUS BIRD" real photo review

Multifunctional telescope for military equipped with infrared, 7 times telescope, distance measurement, compass, GPS etcJENOPTIKCompany's "NYXUS BIRD"is. This time the real thing is "Anti-terrorism special equipment exhibition(SEECAT '12)'RikeiSince it was exhibited in the booth, I paid the real thing in the photograph.

The body size is vertical 180 × width 150 × thickness 70 mm and the weight of the battery is about 1.5 kg. Built-in lithium-ion battery and continuous use for about 8 hours is possible.

Because it is a product assumed to be used by military personnel, it is comparatively absurd design.

You can see from the front that the sensor is on the left side and the lens on the right side.


With a screw hole for attaching to a tripod etc. on the bottom.

You can switch infrared mode, distance measurement mode, etc. by pressing the button at the top.

Examine the viewfinder in the center and use it.

The state of actually using it is as follows.

You can see the subject expanded approximately seven times like a general telescope used for bird watching and others.

Irradiate the laser and measure the distance to the target within an error of 2 m if the distance is 10 to 5000 m. In addition, you can also use the built-in GPS and compass to determine and display the exact coordinates of the target.

The thermal image mode which made it possible to observe the surrounding situation even in an environment where there is no light at all by using infrared is as follows. The magnification is doubled and the resolution is 640 × 480 dots, and vehicles etc. can be recognized from 3000 m away.

Although accurate release timing and price are yet to be determined, it is said that they are keenly adjusting in Japan aiming for sale to the general public, so in addition to the purpose of looking for suspicious individuals in the dark, in addition to observing nocturnal animals etc. It seems that it can also be used.

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