The world's thinnest Ultrabook "Windows XP with Aspire S7" is newly released

At "Acer × Windows 8 Day 2012", the world's thinnest Windows 8 Ultrabook "Aspire S7-191(11.6 inches) ""Aspire S7-391(13.3 inches) "and others were announced one after another.


Started presentation of Ultrabook and notebook PC

According to Gartner's survey, notebook PC worldwide market share of April to June 2012 is No. 1 Acer

The positioning of each series released this time is like this

It is quite thin even from the appearance actually held in hand

Firstly from "Aspire S7" series. "S7-191" is 11.6 inches, "S7-391" is 13.3 inches, Full HD & 10 point multi-touch of IPS liquid crystal, Corei 7-3517 U is installed, storage is 128 GB SSD, 64 GB SSD to 2 RAID 0 configuration. Aluminum alloy and tempered glass made by Corning (company which made gorilla glass) are used. The size of 'S7-191' is width 283.6 × height 12.2 × depth 195.6 mm, weight is about 1.04 kg, battery operating time is about 4.5 hours, market assumed price is around 140 thousand yen. The size of "S7-391" is width 323.3 × height 11.9 × depth 223.5 mm, weight is about 1.3 kg, battery operating time is about 6 hours, market assumed price is about 130,000 yen.

In addition to the keyboard with organic EL backlight, as a accessory leather case · Bluetooth mouse · Cable to convert to USB and LAN adapter · Microphone cable for converting MicroHDMI to VGA D-Sub is included.

Adopted "Acer Twin · Air · Cooling" in order to suppress the feeling that it seems that low temperature burning seems to be getting hot as a part of hand at hand, this is because direct wind to high fever part by two independent fans A mechanism to send in.

The 13.3-inch "S7-391" adopts a patent pending hinge frame design for high strength design, the 11.6 "S7-191" is made of aluminum alloy unibody, and both are dual torque hinges Innovative design.

Also, "Aspire S3-391 - F54D" is a 13.3 - inch Ultrabook, thickness is 13.1 - 17.5 mm, CPU is Core i 5-3317 U, internal storage is 500 GB HDD + 20 GB SSD. Display resolution adopted 1366 × 768, aluminum alloy frame.

Next "Aspire V5-571PF54D / S" is a 15.6-inch Edge-to-Edge panel and a notebook PC with 10 multi-touch. The thinnest part is 22.25 mm, the CPU is Core i 5-3317 U.

"Aspire V3-571" series is selected by CPU from Core i5 / i7, memory 8 GB, storage is selected from HDD of 750 GB / 1 TB, further equipped with BDRW, "V3-571 G" has GT 640 M - 2 GB as graphics It is.

In addition, "Aspire E1" series is 15.6 inches

The product image of "Aspire S7-191" looks something like this.

The product image of "Aspire S3-391-F54D" looks something like this

"Aspire S7-391" looks something like this

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