"Adult Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolate / Tokachi Azuki" is a satisfying taste for adults, children and men

It was said that Yukumi Daifuku was made a little better for adultsAdult Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolate"Adult Yukimi Daifuku Tokachi Azuki"Has appeared. "Adult Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolate" is a raw chocolate and rice cocoa-containing rice cake, "Adult Yukimi Daifuku Tokachi Azuki" features Tsubu-an made with Hokkaido Tokachiage Azuki.

(PDF file)Yukimi Daifuku for adults with Japanese and Western cuisine! "Adult Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolate" "Adult Yukimi Daifuku Tokachi Azuki" launched on September 10

There are two kinds of packages, blue and red, blue is "adult Yukimi Taku fresh raw chocolate", red is "adult Yukimi Daiki Tokachi Azuki". Both prices are 380 yen excluding tax.

First of all, "Adult Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolate"

It seems that "violet scented raw chocolate" is used in vanilla ice.

Also raw chocolate is clearly stated in raw materials.

In fact, it seems that western liquor is also used.

Since energy per piece is 57 kcal, this item is included in nine, and if you eat all it is 513 kcal calories.

The picture on the back is a snow scene.

It is like this when taking out from the box.

There are nine in all, but the capacity per piece is 27 ml, and the usual "Yukimi Daifuku"47 mlCompared with mini size has become smaller.

In the vanilla ice is raw chocolate. The raw chocolate was melted much faster than the vanilla ice when it melts in the mouth considerably in the mouth and it seemed that the fragrance of the chocolate spreads well because of that. In addition, cocoa is contained in the skin, you can taste the flavor of cocoa as well as the texture of rice crispy skin.

This is "Adult Yukimi Daifuku Tokachi Azuki".

We have renewed what was on sale in 2011 and become "Asian 15% increase".

Tsubasan is being used.

The energy per piece is 56 kcal, so if it is 9, it is 504 kcal.

Snow scenery on the back.

A total of nine.

The capacity per piece is 27 milliliters, which is the same as "Adult Yukimi Daifuku Chocolate".

The sweetness of Tsubuan is the best match with vanilla ice. Since Azuki has been increased by 15%, you can enjoy crunchy texture adequately and enjoy a rich dark taste. Of course, this Japanese-style taste sweetness is compatible with rice crispy as well.

According to the news release the target is "Women over 50"Although it has become quite a pinpoint setting, neither of them is an elegant finish while leaving the goodness of" Yukimi Daifuku ", so if you like people like" Yukimi Daifuku ", you are satisfied It should be able to taste.

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