The world's first computer bug really caused the "moth" to be caught

On 9th September 1947 at Harvard University "Mark IIIt is the world's first "bug" that a moth is caught in a relay of "It's the world's first bug", and evidence photos actually exist.

This is the first "bug" in the world, certainly "moth" is affixed. As I got rid of this bug, it came to work, so I started to call it "debug".

It was the developer of the programming language "COBOL" that discovered this bug, one of the first programmers of Harvard Mark I, and a woman who was also a soldier of the US Navy,Grace HopperMr.

This person is Grace Hopper

In addition, the journal which recorded the above-mentioned memorable world's first bug is in WashingtonSmithsonian MuseumofNational Museum of American HistoryIt is said that it is stored in.

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