Tokyu is looking for a nickname for a mascot character with a vehicle motif

Tokyu Railway produced a mascot character to get familiar with the Tokyu line. The model is the company 's flagship vehicle 5000 series, and a nicknamed recruitment will be held from August 28th to September 28th.

Tokyu Corporation

Kole is Tokyu Electric Railway's mascot character, I do not have a name yet.

Hometown is Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, whose birth date is May 2002, so I am ten years old this year. It seems that this is derived from the fact that the model 5000 series vehicle was made by Tokyu car manufacturing in Yokohama-shi Kanazawa Ward and started commercial operation from May 2, 2002.

Quiet, gentle and quiet. Whatever you do, there is dexterity that you do not put much effort without doing anything else, there is also one side that is unknown to diet. Because I like children, recently he is active at the Tokyu line event.

To cousin, image character of Tokyu bus "NotteThere is.

The nickname recruitment period is from August 28 to September 28. The nickname selection method is not the number of entries, but the nickname familiar to children will be adopted. For Tokyu Group gift certificate of 50,000 yen for one person who got nicknamed from among applicants (lot in lot in case), 50 gifts to Tokyu line original goods gifted from lottery among all applicants Yes.

"Train character nickname" recruitment form

This is the model Tokyu 5000 series. The design concept is "people and environment friendly cars".

In addition, in commemoration of the Toyoko Line Shibuya station will open 85 years in Tokyu, we will launch the entrance ticket for the opening of the 85th anniversary from the 28th. Toyoko line starts from March 16, 2013Started direct driving with Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin LineThe current Shibuya station will be abolished and the new Shibuya station in the basement will be used so that it will be the last year as a characteristic figure now.

Tokyu Shibuya Station


This characteristic appearance from the side is until next March. After the station is relocated, it will be dismantled and the home of the Saikyo line and the Shonan Shinjuku line will be relocated.


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