When "Newton's cradle" is made with bulbs, it becomes "Asobi"

"When one ball is pulled apart and released, the ball collides with another stationary ball and stops, and at this moment, the ball on the opposite side where the metal ball hits is the same as the first metal ball I fly by drawing an arc at speed, and when I return to the sphere where the opposite spheres are lined and collide, the same phenomenon will occur again "Newton's cradleAlthough it is said, the element of light added to it is the work of Yasuto Kariya, a graduate of Musashino Art University "Asobi"is.

The work is like this.

When you look at the movie, you can see how it works.

Yasutoki Kariya 'Asobi' - YouTube

It got brighter when the light bulb at the far end left the light bulb next to it.

When illuminated by light, you can see that there is a switch next to the bulb.

When you hit a switch ... ....

Light slowly faded and the light moved to the left to the left.

Asobi was a graduation work of Musashino Art University Space Direction Design Department, and was awarded the Best Work Award. In addition, this work has passed the primary review of "Mitsubishi, Chemical, Junior, Designer, Award" for graduation production of students aiming to be a designer, and the following pages touched on the concept of the work on the following page I will.


The concept is "design of 'if'", and the aim is set as "a space directive that designs impressions more than visual and auditory perception". Specifically, we made "collision bulb" by replacing the steel ball of the collision ball with the bulb used in the experiment of the law of inertia, and programed so that 11 bulbs would do light relays. I visualized the movement of energy which should not be seen, tried impressive production. It also reproduced the sound 'Kachin' that should have occurred in the event of a collision.

So it seems Newton 's cradle is working at first sight, but the sound that the light bulbs are colliding with is attached afterwards. Actually the bulb does not hit you, but it is really well done.

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