Nike develops "strobe glass" that enhances brain memory and visual information processing ability

Nike developed the "strobe glasses (glasses)" that enhances the memory and visual information processing capabilities of the human brain by exercising while visibility is temporarily blocked.

Strobe Eyewear Training Improves Visual Memory | Duke Institute for Brain Sciences | Brain Research

In order to verify the effect of this strobe glass, Nike conducted an experiment in collaboration with Duke University. Students from Duke University participated in this experiment and received a memory test of randomly remembering one letter after several seconds after the eight alphabets displayed on the display disappeared from sight. Next, the subjects were divided into groups wearing strobe glasses and glasses with transparent lenses, each of which carried out a light exercise such as ball throwing with a glass. After that, I took the same short-term memory test as the first one.

The stroboscopes used in this experiment are watching the surroundings in the flashing light of the wearer by temporarily interrupting the vision due to alternating darkening or brightening of the lenses It has a function to place in various situations.

According to Greg Appelbaum, an assistant professor who studies psychiatry at the University of Duke in response to the results of this experiment, "Humans have the function of being a memory buffer to hold short-term memory in the brain, exercise by wearing strobe glasses It seems that its ability will be revitalized. " Moreover, it is said that this effect is expected to last about 24 hours.

Please note that this strobe glass has already been commercialized under the name "Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe", and an official website is also available.

Looking from the front, it looks like a thin sunglasses.

The inside is like this.

A mechanism to wear a band on your head.

When looking from the top, it is hard to fit the person with a flat face because the curve is hard.

The left side looks like this.

Control the strobe effect with the button on the right side. Battery operation time can be recharged up to 15 hours by power supply from the USB cable.

Up of the lens part.

Please check with the following movie to see how you actually train using this strobe glass.

NIKE SPARQ Vapor Strobe - See Sport BETTER - YouTube

YouTube's dedicated channel is also able to see the explanation of the training method using the product.

Nike Vapor Strobe Goggles - YouTube

In addition, Amazon's Amazon is already selling it for $ 299.99 (around 24,000 yen), but the release in Japan is undecided. NIKE SPARQ VAPOR STROBE

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