"Icon Deposit" that you can download icons and graphic materials free of charge

If you use fashionable icons, the screen that did not appeal suddenly becomes gorgeous, but the site where graphic materials such as icons and background material can be used for free is "Icon Deposit"is. In addition to the latest arrival order, you can rearrange in order of popularity, you can find and download stylish materials of your choice. You can also register your account and publish your own materials.

Welcome to the Icon Deposit

For example, what materials can be downloaded is as follows.

◆ 01.Micro Icon Set
An icon set containing 110 16 × 16 PSD file icons. Although sale, redistribution is impossible, personal use is possible.

When downloading, click "Download This!" In the upper right of the page.

◆ 02.Shiny Social Icons (PSD)
This is commercially available. PSD file and 500 × 500 PNG file are a set.

◆ 03.Crisp UI Kit
A set of PSD files and 400 x 300 JPG files. Although sale, redistribution is impossible, personal use is possible.

◆ 04.Meteocons
The size is 56 × 56. The file format is various icons such as JPG, PSD, CSH, EPS, TTF, SVG, etc. It is also available for commercial use.

◆ 05.Download Button
This is a download button. The size is 590 × 443. It is a PSD file.

◆ 06.Rounded Social Icons
There are two format files here, PNG and PSD.

◆ 07.10 Free Backgrounds
It is a background material of 1600 × 1200 in JPG file. Although sales and redistribution are prohibited, individual use is possible.

◆ 08.Fresh UI Kit
800 x 500 icon set. The file has PSD format and JPG format. Although selling and redistribution are also prohibited here, individual use is possible.

◆ 09.Dark Social Icons
Icons of 50 x 50 are set. The file format is PSD.

◆ 10.Pack of retro badges
Here is PSD file icon set of 590 × 443.

◆ 11.Orange UI Kit
Icon set of JPG file and PNG file is size of 590 x 443. Although sales and redistribution are prohibited, personal use is possible.

◆ 12.Blue Icon Set
In addition to PNG files of 256 × 256, 28 × 28, 64 × 64, 48 × 48, 32 × 32, 16 × 16, there are icons of files such as AI, EPS and SVG.

◆ 13.Free Symbly Gamification Icons
120 icon set containing 76 × 76 PNG file. It is commercially available.

◆ 14.Symbly Social Icons
A set of 50 social media icons. There are PSD file and icon set file of PNG file, which can be used for commercial use.

◆ 15.Pyconic - 400 PNG Icons Free
A set of 400 32 × 32 icons. The file is in PNG format and can be used for commercial use.

◆ 16.Icon Deposit CSS 3 UI Kit (PSD + CSS)
This is file size 590 × 443, CSS 3 user interface · kit in PSD format and PNG format. Although sales and redistribution are prohibited, personal use is possible.

◆ 17.Minimize UI Kit - Free PSD
There are two types of files, PSD format and PNG format, size is 590 × 443. Commercial use is also possible.

◆ 18.Earth Icons
Icon set of 512 × 512 PNG file.

◆ 19.PSD Stitching Effect
Icons of three stitches are 590 x 443 in size. The file is in PNG format.

◆ 20.Sad Twitter Bird Icon
Sorrowful Twitter bird has three file formats of JPG, PSD, ESP, sale, redistribution prohibited, but individual use is possible.

Please note that licenses vary depending on the material, and commercial use can not be done, so confirmation is necessary when using.

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