A technology capable of unlocking the key lock of the hotel hotel of 4 million rooms or more in seconds is made public


Now the key to the hotel is mostly the card key. Although there is a place just OK to post at the card post without checking out at the front desk, but it is convenient, on the other hand, there is vulnerability in the card key lock system of a major company, it is solved in less than 1 second It was revealed that it is lockable. The procedure is just Lupine The 3rd state just by connecting the terminal at hand and the body of the attached key.

Blackhat paper - I, Hacker

Hacker Will Expose Potential Security Flaw In Four Million Hotel Room Keycard Locks - Forbes

It was held the other dayBlack Hat security conferenceAnd Mozilla's technicianCody BrociousAnnounced that it is a technology that can open the key of the hotel room of 4 million to 5 million rooms.

In the hotel of the United States, major electronic key system,OnityThere are many cases adopting the company's card key lock system, but there are vulnerabilities in certain types of card key locking systems with multiple types, and the unlocking program was put in the power port on the bottom of the main unitArduinoWhen connected, it will be unlocked in a moment.

"When you connect the terminal and power is supplied, the lock will open," Brocious said. Brocious previously belonged to a company called the hotel front-end general-purpose system and lock-start start-up company Unified Platform Management (UPM), and reverse engineer the Onity's hotel front system to make a cheaper and compatible system Production. I found this vulnerability at that time. It was Brocious who said "It was not deliberately found", but since UPM did not have a customer and was unable to obtain investment, it collapsed soon and the intellectual property obtained by reverse engineering by Brocious Was sold to a locksmith training institution called LSI for $ 20,000 (about 1.60 million yen). According to Brocious, any student at LSI can open the key of Onity just like her, "I did something stupid, and more than 1,000 people likewise had vulnerabilities I do not be surprised at all even if I know the thing and selling it to another government. "

Forbes' Andy Greenberg actually toured the hotel with Brocious and tried various keys. There are three types of Onity's systems that have been introduced, and as a result we were able to open only one of them. Although it is not 100%, it was confirmed that there is no doubt that there is a vulnerability that can be unlocked even if there is no key.

Brocious actually being unlocked at a hotel in New York. What you get is Arduino, a thing that you can make with just 50 dollars (about 4000 yen) with DIY.

Although Brocious contacts Onity only security officers are confused and there is nothing that can be done anything, so we will not contact them. It is not easy to update vulnerabilities by updating the firmware of all locking systems and it is no longer a level of nightmare if millions of keys are badly replaced. "The way to save the hotel at this point is to educate that there are such cases," Brocious said.

Although Mr. Greenberg hit this subject on Onity, "I have not seen Mr. Brocious's presentation and can not comment.Onity puts safety and security at a top priority and develops the latest security technology and develops the market It is said to have been told.

"What we can do now is to use a more secure key, like this one," Greenberg concludes.

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