"Black Mitsu Mitsuba" "Black Mitsu Azumitsu" tasting review that allows you to adjust the amount of black mattice, Koshi-chan as you like

"It is cool and sweet things to blow off this unpredictable heat!" That is why I found "Eiutaro"Black Mitsu Mikatsu"(300 yen including tax),"Black Matsu Animatsu"(347 yen including tax). I decided to actually eat it because it is canned and you can eat it by choosing black Mitsuya using the attached Okinawan brown sugar and rice koji using Hokkaido red bean at your preference.

It is a canned type container.

Firstly from Mitsubo.

Looking at the raw materials, it makes me happy how kind of fruits are, such as white thighs, yellow peaches, pineapple, oranges and so on.

The calorie per can (155 grams) is 150 kcal.

"Please enjoy with black ones as you like", but exciting what kind of taste it will be.

Take the film and you can see the bags on top of the can.

The inside of the bag is black.

First open the can and throw away the syrup inside. Although it is a waste, I will put a black put on afterwards, so I can hit it here.

Something like this when it is on a plate. Fruits such as white thighs, yellow peaches, pineapple, oranges, red peas, and agar are disgusting. Just watching makes something cool.

Here, put a black Mitsu!


The sweetness of black mattress matches firmly with acidity of fruit. As fruits are not sweet as sticky as canned food, you can enjoy the taste flavored with black mat firmly.

Black Mitsu is more smooth than I thought and I am familiar with fruits and agar well. I feel dense sweetness when drinking alone, but it feels just right to eat with fruits and agar.

Next is an auspice.

As raw materials, you can check red beans from Hokkaido.

The calorie per can is 239 kcal. It is slightly higher than bean bean, which contains soap.

Inside, 'Koshian' has been added to the bean paste.

Transfer it to a dish and throw in Koshian first.

I will put plenty of black on it.

If this scene and the sound of the wind chimes are there, it will make me feel cool just by that.

Kenzi is the sweetness that the flavor of beans is felt. The sweetness increases even further when the black paddle is mixed together, you can enjoy the persistent sweetness. A sweet tooth in the editorial department says "It is so sweet as this is sweet", it may be irresistible taste for the sweet toothpeople. Also, since Komashin is an attachment, it is a pleasing point that you can adjust the amount yourself.

Even after finishing eating, the sweetness remained in the mouth, so it seems like "you can not take things sweet for a while if you eat this one". Although I am luxurious, I would like to sip hot tea while eating this in a cool room.

In addition, it is recommended to have both a cold eating feeling when putting it chilling firmly in the refrigerator before eating.

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