Ability to absorb heat by simply laying it "What is the power of chemical formula laptop cooler super cool?"

Melting of special inorganic crystalslatent heatIt is possible to cool the notebook PC by using "Buffalo's"Chemical formula laptop cooler super cool(Direct sales price 4980 yen) ". By using aluminum material with high heat conductivity, even if there are no moving parts such as fans, you can efficiently absorb the accumulated heat of the machine and prevent the temperature from rising, so actually purchase it and try its effect I decided to see it.

The package looks something like this.

Although it is written that it corresponds to 15 to 16.4 type, I checked with customer support and it is possible to use it with PC of other sizes as well. Although only the model specified in the "compatible PC series" has been confirmed, it seems that it is not that other machines can not be used.

When pulling out with Zuzu, it looks like this.

Peel off the protective film on the surface so use it.

The size is width 395 × height 290 mm, weight is about 930 g.

The back side looks like this.

The thickness is about 9 mm.

◆ I actually used it

· No cooler

First place the PC directly on a wooden desk and continuously play full YouTube HD movies. To measure the temperature with the load on the machine. In addition, in the environment of room temperature 25 degrees, WeTube hardware acceleration is turned off and playing is done.

After about 10 minutes the CPU temperature is about 59 degrees.

· With cooler

Next, put the notebook PC on the cooler and test it.

The CPU temperature after about 10 minutes passed under the same conditions is about 60 degrees.

· No cooler

The temperature of the palm rest under load with the same method is about 27 degrees.

· With cooler

When using the cooler, the palm rest temperature reaches approximately 26.4 degrees, which can be said to be about 0.6 degrees cold compared to the case without the cooler, but it is almost within the range of the error ....

◆ Summary
· Cooler not used: CPU temperature when load is applied: about 59 degrees
· Cooler in use: CPU temperature when load is applied: about 60 degrees

· Cooler not used: Temperature of palm rest when load is applied: about 27.0 degrees
· Cooler in use: Temperature of palm rest when load is applied: about 26.4 degrees

Therefore, under the conditions actually used this time, we could not confirm the cooling effect of "chemical notebook PC cooler super cool" unfortunately.

What can be considered as a cause is that "ThinkPad X220 Tablet"There was a gap between the PC cooler. Because this machine has rubber feet, it may be because heat was not transmitted sufficiently because the bottom of the main body and the cooler were not in close contact with each other.

Nonetheless, since many notebook PCs are not designed so that the bottom fits perfectly with the desk etc., it may be more effective on a relatively thin machine such as "MacBook Pro" However, it is expected that the "chemical formula notebook PC cooler super cool" laid under the general notebook PC can exert the cooling effect probably less, fear of misunderstanding is said to be straightforward, if the same price range It should be better to use an air-cooling system in which the fan rotates normally and sends air to cool it.

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