I tried "Pie fruit Vanilla ice" which sweetness of vanilla ice was complemented by salt

Speaking of confectionery containing chocolate in 64 layers of layered pie fabrics, Lotte "pie fruit". It is characterized by crispy texture of texture, but this time it will appear "Pie fruit Vanilla ice"(Around 148 yen including tax). I decided to eat actually what kind of taste it is because it is confining the vanilla ice-flavored chocolate in the crusty sugar and crispy pie cloth sprinkled with salt from Ishigakijima.

Vanilla ice taste pie with sprinkling salt from Ishigakijima! "Pie fruit Vanilla ice" Launched nationwide from Tuesday, July 10, 2012

As usual the box is a squirrel of a real touch.

This time the vanilla ice taste.

64 layers of crisp pie can be tasted properly.

Granulated sugar and salt from Ishigakijima point this time.

Raw material is like this.

The calorie per box (69 g) is 377 kcal.

Then, the opening ceremony.

Unlike a box squirrel, a pop feeling squirrel greets you.

When opening the package, the fruits of pie are rough.

The surface is coated with granulated sugar and salt, and it has become a feeling that it was jjarijari.

Please note that the fabric is so soft that it will collapse if it is too strong.

When I try to break it, white chocolate with white vanilla ice cream is packed in the layer of fabric. When chocolate melts in the mouth, it feels like it is condensed in the sweetness of vanilla, but this is probably due to salt. If you add salt to butter it will make you sweet, but you can feel the sweetness of chocolate distinctly by salt as well. Together with the texture of the dough that crackles when it comes into contact with teeth, it is contents with eating responses.

In addition, because the method to eat cold in the refrigerator for summer is also ant ......

I will chill it immediately.

The dough becomes hard by being cooled down, and it is more moist texture than crispy. As chocolate is cooled down, you can taste sweetness that was condensed as soon as it melts in your mouth. Also, it is also good that the coolness of the fabric spreading when you put it in your mouth and the chilled coldness makes me feel relaxed.

Chocolate will be easy to dissolve on hot days, so it looks good to use if you can enjoy this even if it is chilled like this.

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