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As a new lineup of Cintiq series of liquid crystal pen tablet for professional use, Wacom has introduced "24.1 WUXGA wide liquid crystal display"Cintiq 24HD touch"And 21.5 inch full HD wide display mounted"Cintiq 22 HD"Release from 26th JulyTo do. The price at Wacom Store is "Cintiq 24HD touch" 330,000 yen including tax, "Cintiq 22HD" including 19,000 yen including tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

How to order your own "insole" which dramatically improves foot pain with 70% off - GIGAZINE

A woman who was struck by a robbery and was told "This deep cow!" Successfully made a grueling - GIGAZINE

"Kaiyodo Hobbykan Shimanto" filled with about 10,000 bodies of garretties and figures inside - GIGAZINE

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"Batman can not landing and died", English students analyzed in physics | global speech | Reuters

I "My hobby is ejaculation" Interviewer "Sketch? Oh": My sister is VIPPER

【Reading attention】 Chiko small little guy I will tell you how to make it by www www w: sister is VIPPER

101: Here and below, VIP will send it as nameless: 2012/07/09 (Monday) 21: 45: 24.76 ID: cJZECt7A0
I guess there are those who are deceived and buy as I bought a mosaic removal machine

@nifty: Daily portal Z: When I send it online, I run and deliver, which is quick?

VIPPER like me: reinforcement when gasoline is filled up is abnormal

1 Name: Below, VIP will be sent instead of nameless [] Posted on: Jul 7, 2012 (Mon) 10: 53: 36.00 ID: 1 VVqW 9 ke 0
I feel like I can go anywhere.

What will remain if you take Oyye Hay Ahan from BUMP - Golden Times

Members also in Germany and Taiwan: Close to the popular cosplay group 'Home Guard'! "Permanent Peace and Order at Home" and Captain Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant (1/5) - Nagura Prefecture

I tried speaking with Siri / CYBER LIFE 2 CH

T-shirt design is outstandingly inappropriate: living breaking news

I missed giving a letter to a Lawson clerk wwwww: Kinyaki

1: Below, we will send VIP instead of nameless: 2012/07/09 (Monday) 18: 01: 27.79 ID: Bw7Tn2kY0
I was preparing to give a letter to a cute shop clerk
I bought the receipt I bought just before the tension wwwwwwww

I "Please read it if you are good."
Pass a receipt by mistake
Clerk "Ah, yes"

I came home and got a letter so I gave you a receipt wwwwww
Embarrassing wwww no more w www www

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
"Endangered languages" 3,000 species, Google support «WIRED.jp

Life expectancy shrinks when sitting more than 3 hours a day, even if exercising = research - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

A red meat ball shining in the night sky, "Hand Nebula of the Cat" International News: AFPBB News

Heat island rising at nighttime NHK News

Bacteria that live with arsenic are wrong Science magazine concluded NASA article of 2010: 47 topics - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

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【Korea death】 Great depression in South Korea, loan for individuals 100 trillion Repayment terms can be used at the same time this time (σ · ∀ ·) σ news 2 ch

Focus: Economic price decline drifts "pessimistic" or pessimistic in world economy | Reuters

Asahi Shimbun Company Digital: City board of education, not reporting bullying to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Otsu · Medium 2 Suicide - Kansai News General

Mayor Hashimoto "Prime Minister Noda is amazing" From criticism: Nikkei newspaper

Suspension: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun) Is it due to trouble issuing a residence card, electronic signature of the president?

Rice grain prices rise sharply due to heat waves, worldwide food price increase again | Reuters

The likelihood that the number of suicide in the first half will decrease by 11.7% annually by 30,000 persons is also likely the National Police Agency - MSN Sankei News

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Otsu · 中 2 suicide】 Principal, crying" While "practice of suicide" was originally a lie "" There is also a lie in the report "... on-campus broadcast on the 6th - Livedoor blog

Establishment of 'net cyberbullying prevention law' in NY state, obliging teachers to report | Abstract of the world | Reuters

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Also, "Let's do it" fraud. "I made 10,000 jobs within a year!" Softbank lied again. - No! SoftBank

When I was in elementary school, the principal who saved me who was robbed or stolen things | Professor on child rearing

... came and came Hajime Met Japanese Hanas: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

【2ch】 Historical defeat: Japan's coolness in Mobomoga · Cafe · female salary Taisho · early Showa era is abnormal

Sexual offenses and clothes and "self-defense" none - Togetter

Age of "family formation disparity" | nippon.com

The opponent who first crosstrored at high 2 was magicichi: Kini speed

I can not get tired even though I sleep. Why can not you sleep well? | Food safety | Diamond Online

Bile duct cancer: Reported in 1990 at the chemical fiber factory of rice The same solvent use - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

【Aquarium】 Which aquariums and facilities do you keep goldfish?

List that can be withstood bullying - Whatever

Tours from China are not profitable More than 70% of Japanese tour operators refrain from handling policy: Nepeyo.

Selection of boys' school - amber texture

I myself went to a boarding school as well as a boys' school days when I was in high school, so I read while reading this book, various things.

To be honest, in my high school days there is a feeling that it is "the age of darkness", and if I went to a "regular high school" of co-education, I could get in touch with "other people", including women a little more Was not she? There are things to think about.

But after more than 20 years have passed since I graduated, I read this book and I calmed down, I think that it was not only minus that I had been in "men's environment alone" for three years I have done it.

Fast food shop, the cost of potatoes is S size 15 yen, beef bowl averaging 155 yen | Otaku. Com

My daughter is trying to take a bath or change clothes after birth - Child rearing chan

The guys in the wolf think that the teacher can not handle anything even if the student rampages during the class or standing up and sitting in the seat What do you think? : Philosophy News nwk

ANNOWN »Archive» Tokyo University complete event manual v.0.1

What is the purpose of this document?
It is a tool kit for doing some event at the University of Tokyo. I did not have mass documentation so let me summarize it. I would like to upgrade the version as something happens as a general purpose document.

Is it jealousy? Yes, it is a trouble to the noodle industry - Togetter

Statistics of child accident accident - New pediatrician's tweet

Rakuten, 80% of internal conference English: Nikkei Business Online

President Mikiya who has abroad experience such as acquiring MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Harvard University is said to have had difficulty in English. At an overseas conference where 3,000 people talked before, "The feet were trembling at first". Based on these own experiences, employees also preach attitudes not to be afraid of failure.

# Checklist to catch a yawty client Checklist - Togetter

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Food delivery service | Rakuten mart

Rakuten mart from weekly catalogs and web pages
We will deliver the food you choose to your home the following day.

How long do I have to go out with "Wakudoya"? Significance of brand strategy learned from the end of 'Chinese iPad Litigation' | This Week Keywords Makabe Akio | Diamond Online

Why do iPhones feel good? (1/5) | Telescope Magazine

S. Wozniak talks to Microsoft: "It's a different company" - CNET Japan

Samsung wins the case in British patent litigation, judge as "not cool" as iPad | Reuters

GMO cloud VPS which was greatly reduced in price was more than I thought! Talk for now tentatively 9JP

NEWS Post Seven | Facebook Opinions that it is annoying for Japanese who love affair

AWS Developer Forums: Announcement concerning disability in AWS Eastern US Region on 29th June

USA Hedge fanfood "JOHO CAPITAL, LLC" appears to major shareholders of Dwango who operates Nico Nico Douga: Market status Kabu full strength 2 floors

Allowing voice calling in LTE | Slashdot · Japan Mobile

Why do Japanese mobile carriers appeal by model number? ~ Success stories seen on the iPhone ~: I will introduce books by Blog.

How 21.5 inches! The world's largest, Android terminal which is too big is from KOUZIRO

No dead angle in the second generation: Classic Ultrabook dramatically evolves with "Full HD IPS liquid crystal" - thoroughly check "ZENBOOK Prime UX 31 A" (1/5) - ITmedia + D PC USER

People who open 1000 tabs in web browser | Slashdot Japan IT

Just recently, Nightly, an under development version of Firefox, was improved to improve the performance performance when using Gmail and others. A large number of regression bugs were immediately reported, and the relevant code was backed out in a few days, but there was Performance regression in 1k + tab case in it. The content is that the UI's reaction becomes distracted when 1000 tabs are opened, and it becomes real manipulation impossible.

Tareikomiko only opens about 20 at most, and even if you look around, you've seen only people who are at most about 100 to 200 open. Still saying that 100 tabs are open, I think that the situation has changed from a few years ago when it was treated as a joke immediately.

Should it be designed to be usable even with 1000 tabs open? Will the number of open tabs continue to increase in future? I would like to ask the opinion of the people of Slad.

I can not finish with "I did not know"! "Policy violation" that all adsense users should know and countermeasures

High school student smartphone users increased by 24.3% compared to the previous year Actual conditions of young people who net most except class hours | The · public opinion ~ Japanese feelings ~ | Diamond · online

I tried to "split" the Xeon of the Ivy Bridge generation

Google Enterprise Japan Official Blog: Google Compute Engine: Marginal Computing Power

Good child bad child normal number of trips and news site's story

Blog management for blog management Yu Ari Mura who deleted Twitter, resurrection in just two days

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From the New World PV 2 - YouTube

Jump New series "Takamagahara" scene is too cruel wwwww «Image neta« Daily publication ___ ___ 0

Shonen Jump Official 'D' will be released on March 30 in theatrical version 'Dragon Ball Z'

Release: iPhone case of "Kun no Yakubo", "Nihon no Ora"

NHK Programming Guide | The Law of R "World of Ranube" | The names of Zelifs who understand the word "Ranobet serif rankings chosen by boys" R 's men perform passionately! And what is the result of popular character ranking of boys and girls' ranoves?

Growth of sales has continued steadily, "Gundam AGE" boosted by 80% 2012/07/10 (Tue) 11: 40: 44 [Searchina]

It seems that the mourner drew a real ver without consenting "I am not motivated": It was a shameful day

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Film festival at midnight

Fuji Television, which is suffering from poor viewing rate, was a producer major change · · · It was a triple crown of audience till the year before last year, but this year it fell to 3rd place

SMAP's Takuya Kimura revealed the name of a "co-star actor who really hated him" "Sagin Hagiwara": watch @ 2 channel

【Momokuro】 Holding a handshake meeting Hug meeting! French Mononov Rear Mountain Too ...: Momo Kurosen News

Screening "God of gods appear in Tokyo" at Sci-Fi Museum of Anno Hideaki-AV Watch

Also, as one of the highlights, screenings will be screened in the new special effects movie 'God of the Majutsu in Tokyo'. This also said that Mr. Anano 's thought is becoming silent, "I told her because I heard a word bad." The gigantic soldier is a character appearing in Director Hayao Miyazaki's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", but the scene where giant goddess guards Ohm in the movie version Nausicaa is also known for Mr. Anno's work.

However, in order to take a new movie using gigantic soldiers, you must obtain permission from Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. Suzuki producer and Anano asked Mr. Miyazaki. Suzuki producer reviewed the situation at that time and said, "Although Miya was somewhat drawing a picture," Anno says he wants to take a movie with a gigantic soldier "but if you say," Take a look and say a word " After that it was only said that "Nausicaa should not be released." I got a permission in really five or ten minutes.

After that, Suzuki producer posted a poster on "gigantic soldier in Tokyo" in his room, and showed it to the director Miyazaki casually, "I was pretending not to see it for the first few times However, as I saw it with a smile, I am laughing, so I think the design is ok. "

In addition, Miyazaki is not watching the finished movie yet. Suzuki producer said, "When I am worrying about seeing it. If I thought it would be good to show it at the end of the exhibition, Anno says" I'm finished, "said the laughter I invited him.

First Australian Overseas Owner participates in JRA! : Horse Racing: Sports Bulletin

Sports Navi | Baseball | Professional Baseball | Column | Reason why Iwase can also be active in "The Period of Passion for Passion" (1/2)

Anything stadium @ N J summary: Hanshin's breeding strength wwwwwwwwwww

8: Wind blowing if not named 2012/07/10 (Tue) 02: 21: 26.42 ID: A 0 V 48 i XU
I guess the material is bad.

10: Wind blowing if not named 2012/07/10 (Tue) 02: 23: 25.10 ID: + / YZj + DJ
& Gt; 8
Seasoning of the finished material is first grade
However, somehow I bought a decaying material

【Image】 Masahiko Morino (23) wwwwwwww Other, young players Photo: I was delighted to organize my own J

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Garigari is you! It is! From "Kajiru" to "Sucking" Garigari! The resurgence after 6 years since the brilliant failure of the legend! "Shari Sharyi Soda New Release" New release at convenience store in Tokyo · Tohoku from July 10 (Tue) 2012!

2012-07-10 【Kyushu region limited】 Release "Melale Mouthclock Yame Game Matchcha Roll" using "Yame-Matcha" from Fukuoka Prefecture! | News Releases | Corporate Information | FamilyMart

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