Four copanda playing by sliding a slide and rolling with a colon

BySan Diego Shooter

Four copanda are movies playing on the slide. The appearance that you are falling into a crowd is pretty adorable, and I will be healed unintentionally.

Cute pandas playing on the slide - YouTube

Two copious dander swinging in swing.

Suddenly Tekoteko and the copanda started running.

The destination is a staircase. The breeders go up ... ...

I will follow from behind.

Cute little ass.

Firstly, the rear ladder will slide forward on the slide.

Copa also follows.

I lost my balance and rolled down.

I managed to arrive.

Then swing and steer the ass to the stairs again.

From the keeper's ... ...

The copa will start again.

Shirito I did not fall to the end this time.

Then another panda follows.

The copanda who are in a dumpling state hitting Don.


Next time I go up and go up the slide.

Good point, okay.

However, in the cruelty also the top copalda will be pushed back by the handler.

Naturally it collided with the copanda who continued behind ... ...

Three animals will slide together without sliding.

And the momentum did not stop and falls with Goron.

This movie celebrates the panda consciousness week emphasizing to increase the population of the threatened giant panda, China's belonging to the pandas who came from Chengdu to London. It is supposed to be the melody of the London child in the lovelyness of the copanda who will not change even if the environment changes.

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