A movie in which two kitten is watching tennis with synchronized movement

Two kitten seems to be watching tennis on TV, but it seems that there is no choice but to worry about the destination of the ball, so the two will follow the ball moving on the screen and move the neck in synchro state There is ... a movie called.

Kittens watching tennis - YouTube

There seems to be TV at the end of cat's eyes, and it seems that you are watching tennis.

When the ball moved to the right side of the TV screen, the cats followed the movement of the ball and shook his head to the right.

Next time the ball moves to the other side, the direction of the face of the cat changes with it.

Will the ball gradually go upwards, keep his neck rising.

When the camera changes angle, it seems that they got to face up and down, kitten raised and lowered his neck.

I came out of the basket I was in because I was concerned about the bottom.

This was taken in the blog "Funny cat Coco and her cute kittens Funny Cat Coco and her cute kittens"FunnycatCoco" who operates. She seems to have five Scottish folds (Rocky, Raoul, Rosie, Ruby, Rio), so if you want me to see its loveliness, I have released a kitten movie on YouTube.

Kitten playing with thin rolled mat

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This is bent on the notebook PC. Because the PC gets warm, it is a familiar sight for those who keep cats to be occupied over the keyboard in the winter.

Kittens learn computer Котята изучают компьютер. Kitty cute - YouTube

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