I tried locally on what happens when I visit the website regulated by the Chinese government

In ChinaGold shieldAn Internet censorship system called Jindun is running and access to sites and information that the government considers harmful is restricted. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, etc., the target of regulation is various, such as overseas news site, web page of human rights organization.

Internet regulation itself by the Chinese government is "open secret" as a feeling, in JapanFrequently coverageIt is also done. But what happens when trying to connect to a site that is actually subject to regulation? I did not understand well that, so I decided to actually try it on the site.

This time, the place where the connection test was doneBeijing Capital International Airport.

The line used isBOINGOIt is a chargeable WiFi service.

Stand by the laptop in a corner of the airport lobby.

The surroundings look like this.

First, try connecting to Twitter for access.

When I accessed it, I got an error saying "This page can not be displayed in Internet Explorer".

Because it is not explicitly displayed such as "access is regulated", if you do not know about the regulation and you are not familiar with the net as well, you misunderstood that the site called Twitter is always down Level that it may be.

You can see the entire movie from the click of the search result until the error indication comes out in the following movie.

Internet censorship of the Chinese government - I tried accessing Twitter - YouTube

Next check access to Facebook.

It became an error here as well.

Details of the above flow are included in the movie, so please check below.

Internet censorship of the Chinese government - I tried connecting to Facebookbook - YouTube

"Mixi" can be displayed without any problem. After that, I tried logging in with my own account, and it was able to be viewed very normally.

The way the top page is actually displayed can be seen in the following movie.

I visited the Chinese government's Internet censorship - mxi - YouTube

GIGAZINE was able to browse normally as well.

The state that you are actually accessing is contained in the following movie.

Internet censorship of the Chinese government - I tried GIGAZINE - YouTube

Since I could also access Japanese version of Google normally, I searched for "Tiananmen Incident" ... ....

I was able to browse the page of Wikipedia without problems.

The appearance of actually viewing pages can also be seen in the following movies.

Internet censorship of the Chinese government - Search Google "Tiananmen Incident" - YouTube

"Tiananmen Incident" that the People's Liberation Army massacred demonstrators demanding democratization is a husband of information which is considerably inconvenient for the Chinese government, but it was a bit unexpected that we could browse normally. If it is a foreign language (Japanese) it may be that it is not a problem.

Next let's search the same contents using the Chinese version of the search engine Bing provided by Microsoft.

A lot of results are displayed here as well ......

When scrolling to the end, there was a note that "We deleted specific search results of this term due to legal obligations under Chinese law and regulations."

The results of searching using Bing are included in the following movies, so please check them.

I tried searching "Tiananmen Incident" in the Internet censorship in China - Bing - YouTube

In the center of Beijing is a modern town where huge buildings are lined with countless cars, but in this case it is "commonplace" to be blocked by "Kim Shield", compared with those of Japan like this I'm still more free, but I do not quite know what will happen in the future. Someday it is the present situation that it can not be said that Japan can not do this as well.

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