"Pointer Pointer" which finds an image where the mouse cursor fits firmly


Pointer Pointer is a service that you do not understand that when you hover the mouse cursor at an appropriate position in the frame, even if the cursor is inside the image it will find out the background that comes nicely. At first glance, you can see the meaning when you try accessing.

Pointer Pointer by @ Studio Moniker

The screen is dark and the mouse cursor is in the red mark when accessed, but when you look closely you see a gray border from the center and a message saying "please move the mouse cursor".

When moving to the inside of the frame, the message changed to "I found the location of the pointer" and reading started.

And the picture was displayed. The mouse cursor is just between the extended fingers and fingers.

If you move the cursor to another place ......

Feeling like ET, fingers and pointers seem to stick to each other.

Let's move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

It fits perfectly with the finger of the face man. It is as if I showed up with the other side of the screen here.

And, even if you hold the mouse cursor to various places like this, it will display pictures that match the location.

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