Even if cups are overlapped, a space is created without permission and it is easy to dry natural drying cup "Totem"

If the place to dry the tableware is narrow, you will necessarily arrange dishes and cups by all means, but if the cups overlap, the top one and the bottom one will stick together and water droplets may remain in the gaps. When the rainy season comes, the tableware also dries slowly, so I want to avoid such things, but there is no need to worry if there are gaps between the cups in the first place. For that reason, what I was thinking about is a cup called "Totem" that allows you to create gaps.

Quirky - Totem Stackable Air-Drying Cups

This is what DESIGN-JAY thought.

I usually do not need to be conscious of anything when using it as a cup ... ...

When it becomes washing things, the inner protrusion plays a role as a spacer with the lower cup and makes a gap. This means that natural drying will be improved even if several cups are stacked.

Totem is made of plastic with 4 packs, height 4.75 inches (about 12 cm), bottom diameter 3.25 inches (about 8.3 cm), weight 15 ounces (about 425 g). It is made of plastic that can be used in a dishwasher, and it is set at 14.99 dollars (about 1200 yen).

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